Five Precautions for the use of LED Displays for Weddings

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-10-15 Views: 2539

Now, the use of LED displays in wedding celebrations is relatively common. The quality requirements of the LED display at the wedding scene are also relatively high. In addition to the quality requirements of the LED display, Liancheng Fa Xiaobian suggests that the wedding stage design should pay attention to the following aspects.  


1. The style of the stage background: the small fresh and forest style of the gauze curtain is absolutely not suitable for the appearance of the LED display.


2. Venue space problem: If the wedding venue is very wide, it is recommended to consider using a larger LED display. Only the large LED screen can clearly express the wedding scene, wedding photos and other image data, so that the guests in remote seats can also feel the actual content of the wedding banquet, so that the guests will not feel that it is a waste of time. If there are many pillars in the wedding venue, or the shape is not long but wide and flat, then the effect of using or not using an LED screen is actually similar, and the actual situation depends on the venue.


3. How much content to play: If there are not a lot of video materials prepared, and there are not too many wedding photo flashes, wedding replays, micro-movies, etc., in fact, the projection screen is enough to support the scene.


4. Cost issue: LED screens are rented according to the area, first understand the current market prices, and combine your own budget to see if it is necessary to use LED screens.


5. The location of the main table: Some elders must set the main table in the center of the stage because of traditional customs. If an LED display is used at this time, everyone will eat under the strong light, and the eyes may not be able to bear it after a meal.


The above is a summary of the points to be paid attention to when using LED displays in weddings. Whether or not to use LED displays for weddings depends on your actual situation, and you can't compare blindly.