Do You Know How to Use the Empty Spot Function of LED Display Software?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-09-19 Views: 2659

 Do you know how to set and use the empty point function of the LED display software? The following LED display manufacturer LCF  ( will explain in detail for you!  


1. First determine the number of module sampling points


Observe the number of ICs and the number of pixels in a set of data of the module, and then use the following formula to calculate:


The number of empty points per scan = IC number * IC output pin number / number of lights per pixel - actual pixel points / scan method


The number of lights per pixel is 3 for full-color real pixels and 4 for full-color virtual


For example, a 30X16 full-color real pixel module with 4 scans of 1 set of data, the driver IC is MBI5024 (16 output pins), and the number of ICs is 24. The calculation is as follows:


24*16/3 - 480/4=8, then the number of empty points per sweep is 8


2. Software settings


①. Open the software, enter the control screen - screen management - configure the parameters of the selected screen, select the intelligent setting button, and a dialog box will appear.


②. Select the empty point setting, enter the empty point setting window, and enter the number of empty points per sweep as follows:


  3. Empty button for other smart setting wizards, just press normal settings. When you reach the smart setting wizard 7, press normal trace points. If there is no flash on the screen, click the blank button on the software until a flash appears on the screen. Draw the dots as normal, and proceed in turn until the dots are drawn.