Those Things About the Design of Outdoor LED Display Brackets

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-09-14 Views: 2221

 led displays are mostly used in outdoor, stage and other scenes. Large-scale programs require huge stage screens, and many stages need to be temporarily built. So how can the outdoor LED display bracket be designed to be firmer and safer, do you know? The following small series will introduce you to several methods of building LED display brackets.  


1. Bracket production: According to different applications, the outer frame requirements are different. Let's first talk about the in-line installation, no outer frame is required, but a mounting bracket is required. The mounting bracket is generally made of aluminum profiles, which are relatively light and easy to cut. We can also use a universal angle iron (that is, a right-angled iron bar with many holes). We can see that there are copper columns on the back of the unit board for installation, which are used to fix the unit board to the bracket. The bracket should be longer, and the mounting holes for the light box should be reserved. Fix the unit board, control card, and power supply on the bracket, and tie the data cable and 220V power cable to the bracket. Such a simplest screen is assembled. It can be installed on other equipment, such as light boxes.


2. Simple frame production process: When we see the purchased unit boards, we will find that the brightness is different, or there may be splashes in the application occasion. At this time, we need to paste a plexiglass on the surface of the screen. The plexiglass is generally brown or dark. Red. Plexiglass can be purchased in advertising and decorative material stores by the pound. We use thinner ones, too thin ones may bend easily. It needs to be reminded here that because the cutting of plexiglass requires skills, it is best to prepare the size when you buy it and let the store cut it for you. For general occasions, if a frame is needed, we can use aluminum alloy profiles (for example, hollow aluminum strips with square cross-sections), which we can buy from the aluminum alloy profile store. If an aluminum alloy frame is used, if the screen is small, the unit board can be directly fixed to the outer frame. If the strength is sufficient, no bracket is required. For the specific outer frame production process, you can refer to the production of the light box.


3. Stainless steel frame production process: We can see that many LED display screens are made of stainless steel. In fact, the outer frame of stainless steel is just a thin layer of stainless steel skin on the basis of the simple frame. It looks beautiful, generous and adds added value. As for the process of wrapping the frame, we need to use a folding machine. We can go to a small hardware factory that makes kitchen utensils for processing. It is best to go to a professional LED frame shop. Professional shops, the biggest difference is that the seams of the edging are very small.


Each frame is aimed at a different environment. The choice of the bracket will affect the use of the entire LED screen, and it will be dangerous and safe. Therefore, when making the corresponding choice, it is necessary to make a comprehensive plan, and do not choose arbitrarily.