Don't Be Afraid of Bright Lines on the LED Display,The Editor has A Coup!

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-07-20 Views: 3511

When there are bright lines on your LED display, do you know how to solve it? Such failures in the LED display are generally caused by poor product quality, unstable voltage and improper operation by staff. The following LCF editor ( will teach you how to solve the problem of bright lines on the LED display.  

First, let's judge whether the control card is good. Turn on the power first and see if the indicator light of the control card is on; if it is not on, check whether there is a 5V voltage supply, and whether the LED display can display the content. If it can display the content, it means that the display function of the control card is good. ;Then use the control card software to find the control card, if it can be found, it means that the function of sending the content of the control card is good; if not, check whether the communication line is connected well, if it is Most likely there is a problem with the card. As long as these two functions are good, the led control card is good, otherwise the control card should be replaced.  


Secondly, we have to judge whether the power supply is good. If the power supply fails, it will directly cause several boards not to light up or be abnormal at the same time, because one power supply controls several boards at the same time. If the LED electronic display screen is in the same small area and several boards do not display or display abnormally, you should consider whether the power supply is broken. The most direct detection method is to take the DC voltage of the meter and check whether the output voltage is between 4.9~5.5V. If it is not within this range, it is necessary to consider replacing the power supply.


Finally, we have to judge whether the LED unit board is good. The LED display signal is transmitted from the output pin header of one unit board to the input signal of another board, so if there is a problem with one board, it will cause the entire row behind it to be off or abnormal. Therefore, when there is a problem with a row of LED electronic displays, we should replace the board that started abnormally in this row, or use a long cable to jump over this board directly, and then see if the board behind it is displayed. normal.


The above are the three solutions to the bright lines on the LED display summarized by the editor. I hope it can help everyone.