How To Distinguish The Good And Bad of The Stage Full-Color LED Display Rental Service?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-07-05 Views: 1903

In some commercial performances or large-scale evening parties, the importance of LED displays to the entire stage is self-evident. It can not only transmit a clear stage performance picture to the audience on-site and off-site, and form a good interaction with the audience, but also can add a rich and varied background to the performance and render the atmosphere of the live performance. For companies that often hold events or performances, LED screen rental is not unfamiliar, and these companies will select some frequently cooperated LED screen rental companies for rental business cooperation. But for companies that hold events and performances for the first time, it is a headache to choose the right rental company and products. Let me share with you what kind of LED screen rental service is good.  


LED display rental products need to be frequently loaded and unloaded and used repeatedly according to the location of use and the needs of the stage scene, so the portability of the product, the durability of the product and the professionalism of the installer are relatively high. In addition, the general rental screen cannot avoid the transportation link, so it must also have high shock resistance.


1. Product safety and damage resistance: According to the analysis of the installation environment of the rental screen, the general LED screen is mostly mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. These two installation methods have higher requirements on the weight and safety of the rental screen. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked high and the way of hoisting, the rental screen must be light and thin, and the connection must be firm, reliable and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to the on-site personnel due to negligence in installation.



LED rental screens often need to be transported by car, ship or plane. During the transportation process, there may be bumps on the edges and corners of the rental screen due to bumps. In order not to affect the use effect, the rental screen must have a certain degree of damage resistance, so as to reduce the damage of electronic components caused by transportation, so as not to affect the normal display function.


2. Convenient installation and disassembly: In order to ensure the safety and normal use of the rental screen, the general rental screen needs to be equipped with a professional display installation team, but this will increase the customer's budget cost. Therefore, manufacturers should design products from the perspective of convenient installation and disassembly, so that ordinary installers can easily assemble and disassemble rental screens, reduce customer installation labor costs, and improve installation efficiency.


3. The LED screen must have a professional maintenance and replacement team: when the rental screen has a partial display failure, the LED display rental screen must be partially removable and replaceable, and it must be replaced quickly to ensure the normal performance of the performance. In the process of installation and use, the renter must guarantee the overall quality of the LED screen. Failure is unavoidable. At this time, it is necessary for the lessor to have a professional maintenance and replacement team to deal with emergencies caused by failures in a timely manner.


4. The control system is easy to use: LED screens are a challenge for newcomers, so the system of LED screens should be as simple as possible to operate, and it is best for novices to get started at a glance. Assuming that it is impossible to operate, the lessor can be asked to provide professionals for on-site operation. When combined installation, the lessor should provide a professional control system instruction manual, and the installation equipment should also indicate the instruction details, so as to facilitate the personnel to identify the components and installation sequence, and prevent installation errors from affecting the progress of the rental screen.