Do You Know The Color Processing Technology of the Core Technology of LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-07-04 Views: 2392

From the initial monochrome display, two-color display, three-primary display to today's multi-primary display, the LED display has accumulated a variety of color processing technologies and has become one of the core technologies of the LED display. The following editors and Let's find out together.  


1. Allocation of white field color coordinates: Allocation of white field color coordinates is one of the most basic technologies for full-color LED displays. Many LED display manufacturers have begun to standardize the color matching process of full-color screens. However, some manufacturers often sacrifice some base colors. The white point color coordinate is adjusted according to the gray level, so that the overall performance cannot be improved.


2. Selection of primary color wavelength: LED display screens have been widely used in various fields due to their own characteristics, and the primary color wavelengths of LEDs required in different fields are also different. How to choose LED primary color wavelengths to achieve better visual effects It depends on the usage and occasion.


3. Color reproduction processing: The birth of pure blue and pure green LEDs makes full-color LED displays highly sought after in the industry due to their wide color gamut and high brightness. As a result, color reproduction processing technology came into being.


The so-called static screen in LED display design corresponds to the dynamic screen (scanning screen). Static screen means that when the display screen is displayed, all the lights are lit at the same time. The scanning screen uses the visual persistence characteristics of the human eye to light up each row of the LED electronic display screen in a very short period of time.


The LED display is driven by the duty cycle, so the displayed brightness has a great relationship with the lighting time period. When the brightness of the light-emitting tube is the same, the brightness of the static screen is higher than that of the dynamic screen, so generally, the static screen is used for the outdoor screen, and the dynamic screen is used for the indoor screen to save the driving cost.