Wedding Stage LED Display Design is All Here

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-06-11 Views: 1702

 The high-definition playback experience of LED screens makes more and more people flock to the stage design, not only wedding banquets, but also some annual meetings and themed shows if LED screens are used, the audience's visual experience will be even more shocking. However, in today's wedding banquet planning, LED screens may not be chosen by more people, although they play the major responsibilities of broadcasting wedding photos, replaying marriage clips, and live broadcasting weddings. Today, I will talk with you about how to make good use of LED screens in wedding receptions.  


Because the LED screen is rented according to the square number, in other words, the larger the square number, the more expensive the price. In fact, the number of squares of the LED display depends entirely on the stage design effect. Today, let's take a look at the wedding banquet stage designs of several LED displays and see how to make the best use of them!


The first type, embedded: As the name suggests, the LED screen is embedded in a frame on the stage background. There are still stage backgrounds, either made of KT boards, or made of cloth curtains, but no matter what kind of background the LED screen is in the center of the stage like a larger LED TV, The proportion is not very large, it is just for people to see the picture.


Advantages: high-definition playback picture quality, small area and low price


Disadvantage: small area is not enough atmosphere


The second type: Combination type: The LED screen is placed in the center and integrated with the background panels on both sides to form a stage background with an integrated design. At present, this design scheme is accepted by more people who choose LED screen.


Advantages: The large-scale screen display makes the visual enjoyment better, and it appears more harmonious as a part of the stage background.


Disadvantages: If the LED screen of such an area wants to have an atmospheric integrated stage background, it can only be placed on both sides with KT boards, and the gauze curtain is stingy and difficult to integrate with the LED screen.



The third type: single vertical type: this is a local tyrant’s LED screen. The background of the entire stage is this LED screen. There is no KT board, and there are no other stage design elements. All logos, images and pictures are made through this super large screen. The LED screen shows.


Advantages: The atmosphere is domineering, and the guests of the whole banquet are really 360 degrees without dead ends and can watch the content of the LED screen.


Disadvantage: What else is there besides the expensive price?


Fourth: Discrete: The background of the stage is still a whole, or a KT board design, or a gauze curtain design, but the LED screen is set on the side of the background board, or on both sides, or only one On the side, it is a bit like a projection screen, which is only set up to temporarily play wedding photos or videos, and is not integrated with the stage background.


Advantages: It can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, and the stage background can be completed more flexibly with simple materials.


Disadvantages: low cost performance, the area cannot be too small, but the use efficiency is not high, resulting in high price and low utilization rate.