What is the Difference Between The Stage Rental Screen and the Traditional LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-01-26 Views: 1703

   What is the difference between a stage rental screen and a traditional LED display, do you know? Let's introduce the editor of Liancheng (www.lcf-led.cn) to you.  

    First, the selection is different: the stage rental screen has high requirements for the stage display effect, and the display screen must be clear. Generally, high-definition LED displays of P3 and P4 models are used in indoor environments, and even small-pitch P2.5, P2 and other products are used in more severe environments; P6 and P5 models are used in outdoor environments. Traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements, generally use P6 and P5 models indoors, and P10 is the most used outdoors, followed by P16. And indoors are all surface mounts. Outdoors usually use plug-in lights, but sometimes surface mount products are also used. Currently, for the rental market, 5 types of cabinet series have been launched. The models cover all mainstream models on the market, including P3 and P4. , P4.81, P3.91, etc.  


Second, the difference between the cabinets: Generally, traditional outdoor LED displays are waterproof cabinets with relatively heavy structures. Indoor LED displays also use simple cabinets; for stage rental screens, they are usually made of die-cast aluminum cabinets. The structure is light and thin, high stability, easy to install and disassemble at any time, suitable for holding concerts, stage performances and other activities.


Third, Installation method: The disassembly and installation of the stage rental screen is convenient and fast. For example, after a concert is over, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage for construction. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are usually fixed installation methods. After the installation position is fixed, it will not be easily moved.


The above is the main difference between the stage rental screen and the traditional LED display screen summarized by the editor of Liancheng.