The Role of The Control System In The Overall Value Of The LED Display Is Irreplaceable

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-01-17 Views: 1482

The development of LED display in China can be said to be changing with each passing day, and the progress made in both technology and market is very amazing. When it comes to promoting the advancement of LED display technology, the control system cannot but say that its role in the overall value of the LED display is irreplaceable and very important.  


From the continuous update of materials, the improvement of gray level, the authenticity of color performance and the diversification of correction technology, it shows that the improvement of control system technology has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of LED display.


The LED display control system is divided into two types: synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous control system develops almost with the development of the LED display. The technology is mature and the market acceptance is high. application world.



As the "brain" of the LED display, the control system does not account for a small proportion of the overall value of the display, but its role is irreplaceable. For example, in the field of front door screens, from banners to single and double colors to full color, this is a process of continuous evolution of door advertising. The excellent asynchronous full-color control system can make the door head full-color display more dazzling and eye-catching, thereby bringing about better advertising effects. Another example is the highway information board, which originally only simply displayed static content such as do not drink and drive, do not speed, but the current asynchronous control system allows the display to reflect road conditions in real time, and eliminates the original "industrial computer + synchronous control system" The solution is more integrated, and the network management and control are more convenient. Here are two ways to control the system:


1. The LED display with the microcontroller as the controller, due to the limitation of the operation speed and communication rate of the microcontroller, the refresh rate of the dynamic display cannot be too high, and the processing of the display effect and the moving algorithm is also difficult, and the actual display effect is obvious. of flickering.


2. The LED display with ARM as the controller, because ARM has high instruction efficiency and clock frequency, its computing power is very powerful, and its internal resources are also very rich. In the application of strip screens, ARM can be used to achieve a variety of tricks. display method. The LED display screen with FPGA as the controller, because FPGA is a high-speed, parallel programmable logic device, can be used as a controller to process PWM signals at high speed, complete dynamic scanning logic and complete character movement algorithms.


 A good control system can make the LED display display a more realistic, more brilliant and more stable picture, which is pleasing to the viewers.