Do You Know How The Double-Sided Transparent LED Display is Realized?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-01-08 Views: 1608

Transparent LED displays are generally single-sided and can only display information on one side, while double-sided transparent LED displays are two displays superimposed, and content can be displayed on both the front and rear sides. So, how is the double-sided transparent LED display realized, do you know? The following LCF editor ( will introduce to you.  


1. The main advantages of double-sided transparent LED display: The double-sided transparent LED display is based on the special needs of customers, and it is a product that needs to be customized. It gives customers more choices in investment promotion and pricing, and fundamentally breaks the single expression and business model of transparent LED displays. It can be used in the inner central area of large shopping malls, which is convenient for people on both sides to watch. It can also be used as an LED glass curtain wall screen. It can be used for people in the building to watch, and it can be used for outdoor people to watch outside.


2. Double-sided transparent LED display box structure: The double-sided transparent LED display box structure is equivalent to two front maintenance LED display screens connected back to back. The double-sided box is also a special front-turned structure box, and the center is fixed. The structure, the two sides are somewhat connected to the upper half of the center, and the side of the box that needs to be repaired or protected can be opened up when protecting.


3. Application characteristics of double-sided transparent LED display: The area of a single screen should not be too large; the first installation method is hoisting; the double-sided LED display can share one LED control card, and the control card uses a partition control card, usually double-sided. The surface area is the same, and so is the display content.