How Is the Protection Level of LED Display Screen Divided?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-12-22 Views: 1889

     Due to the use of the outdoor LED display, the LED display must have waterproof performance to ensure the safe operation of the display and prolong the service life of the display. However, many customers and friends are not very clear about the waterproof performance indicators of the LED display, and they do not know what the numbers behind the IP mean. The following LCF editor ( will popularize this knowledge for everyone.  

The indoor and outdoor classification of the waterproof level of the LED display shell is different. The outdoor waterproof level is generally higher than that of the indoor, because the outdoor encounters rainy days or needs to be waterproofed more than the indoor LED display. The following is a table of LED display waterproof level indicators for your reference and study.  


Waterproof indicators are generally aimed at outdoor LED displays, so they are introduced here. The conventional outdoor in-line LED display is composed of an outdoor module and a closed box structure after processing to form an outdoor waterproof display box, and the waterproof display box is assembled into an outdoor LED display. Therefore, the display box is the basic unit that composes the display body. The box structure is adopted, firstly, it is convenient for scheduling, aging, and on-site maintenance; secondly, it is convenient for packaging and transportation; thirdly, it is convenient for on-site installation and disassembly. A display module is installed in front of the display box, and a display drive circuit board is fixed inside the box. The switching power supply is installed on the back cover of the box. An exhaust fan is also installed on the back cover of the box, and the shutters are punched. The box body is spray-coated on the inner and outer surfaces, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, etc., which provides a guarantee for the safety of the display body. As far as the structure of the display screen is concerned, the first module should be an outdoor waterproof module, the second module should be painted with three-proof paint on the back, and the third, the box body should be a waterproof box body, with good sealing performance, and a waterproof test can be done. Surface water spray test of the display. After a number of tests, the IP protection level of the outdoor LED display waterproof box must reach IP65 in order to achieve true waterproofness.


Outdoor LED display waterproof rating IP65, 6 is to prevent objects and dust from entering the screen, 5 is to prevent water from entering the screen in the case of spray, of course, there is no problem with heavy rain. The simple box of outdoor waterproof LED display is generally marked with the front waterproof IP65, because the simple box has no back door, this design is convenient for the machine to dissipate heat. Waterproof edging treatment, the waterproof effect also reaches IP65, and now most of the outdoor full-color LED displays use simple cabinets.


      For example, it may be easier for everyone to understand this parameter: for example, the protection level of the LED display is IP54, IP is the marked letter, the number 5 is the first marked number, and 4 is the second marked number. The first marked number indicates the contact protection and foreign object protection level, and the second marked number indicates the waterproof protection level. It should be noted that the second characteristic number after IP is 6 and below. As the number becomes larger, the test is gradually stricter. That is to say, the LED display screen marked as IPX6 can pass the tests of IPX5, IPX4, IPX3, IPX2, IPX1, and IPX0 at the same time. The test of the second characteristic number after IP is 7 or 8, and the test types of 6 and below are two types. That is to say, the identification of IPX7 or the identification of IPX8 does not mean that it meets the requirements of IPX6 and IPX5 at the same time. At the same time, LED displays that meet the requirements of IPX7 and IPX6 can be identified as IPX7/IPX6.


      After the above examples, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the waterproof classification of outdoor LED displays. In future product purchases, you will be able to buy satisfactory LED displays!