Full color LED display manufacturer Liancheng Fa teaches you how to count the number of display points

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To know the number of points of an LED display, you must first know the screen area and model information of the full-color LED display before you can specifically calculate the number of points about the LED display. The following full-color LED display manufacturer LCF (www.lcf-led.com) will tell you how the full-color LED display points are calculated.

    First of all, let me popularize the concept of dot pitch of full-color LED display. P means the abbreviation of English point, which represents the distance between the center point and the center point, which is often referred to as the dot pitch. The default unit of dot pitch is mm. . The dot pitch of the indoor LED display P3 is 3mm, the dot pitch of the indoor LED display P2 is 2mm, and so on.  


For example, Lianchengfa indoor LED display P4, the dot pitch is 4mm, and the number of P4 dots per square meter is 62500. The calculation method is as follows:


1 square meter is an area of 1000mm long and 1000mm wide, so there can be so many points in the length: L=1000mm/4mm=250 points, in the same way, there are also H=1000mm/4mm=250 points in the width, because all the points They are all arranged in a regular matrix, so there will be L*H=(1000mm/4mm)*(1000mm/4mm)=250*250=62500 points in an area of 1 square meter.


In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of the calculation method of full-color LED display points, here is an example of a customized P4 full-color LED display. The required size is 5 meters long, 3 meters wide and 15 square meters in total. A calculation method for reference:


1. Estimation method: L*H=(5000mm/4mm)*(3000mm/4mm)=937500 points.


2. Precise method: Assuming that a 128mm x 64mm cell board is used, the number of cell boards required is 5000mm/128mm=39.06 pieces ≈ 39 pieces, width, 3000mm/64mm=46.875 pieces ≈ 47 pieces; the actual screen length is 39*128/1000=4.992 meters, and the actual screen width is 47*64/1000=3.008 meters. The actual number of points of the entire LED display is L*H=(4992mm/4mm)*(3008mm/4mm)=938496 points.


It can be seen that the calculation of the two methods is slightly different. This is because the full-color LED display is not made according to the conventional requirements. It is limited by the size and specifications of the unit board and the box. It is normal to have a little error. The above is the summary of the full-color LED display manufacturer Lianchengfa on the calculation method of LED display points, hoping to help everyone.