How to Change the Characters on the LED Display, Do You Know?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-09-06 Views: 1508

After decades of development in China's LED display market, the current technology is very mature, and it is widely used in daily life, commercial activities and municipal engineering. The use of LED display screens has become popular, so do you know some common common sense, such as how to change the words on the LED display screen, I believe that many users have encountered such problems. Below, we will introduce to you how to change the characters on the LED display.  


1. Connect the LED display to the computer, open the display control software, set the display parameters, edit the font of the program, and click send.


2. Change words through U disk: There is a column in the software menu, click USB to download, and save the setting parameters and content to the U disk; when changing the program, use the U disk to copy the content directly to get the full-color LED display You can replace it on the screen.


3. Change the characters through the mobile phone or remote control, and edit the text messages to send and change the advertisement subtitles.


4. There are two common reasons for no response after changing the text: there is a problem with the serial port cable. Use the control card software to check whether it can be connected to the display screen. If the connection is generally ok, it still cannot be solved. Check whether there is a short circuit in the line; if the U disk does not respond when changing the word, you should check whether there is a problem with the U disk. Whether the control card software corresponds. After confirming that the control card software is correct, format the U disk and then import the data.


The above are some of the ways to change the characters on the LED display that Liancheng has shared with you. I hope it can help you.