Five Points for Attention When Purchasing Indoor Full Color LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-08-29 Views: 1420


Compared with the traditional LCD splicing screen, the full-color LED display has the characteristics of seamless splicing, good color saturation, low power consumption and long life, so it is widely used in commercial advertising in major industries.


Indoor LED display screens are more likely to be favored by advertisers in large hotels, large department stores, and supermarkets because of their good display effects and visual experience. Do you know what matters should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing an indoor full-color LED display? Lianchengfa Xiaobian ( is here to introduce to you.


 In an indoor environment, the screen area of the LED display generally exceeds three square meters. In this case, there are three options: ordinary rear projection, DLP (digital liquid crystal rear projection) and full-color LED display.


The advantages of ordinary rear-projection displays are small pixels and high definition, but the disadvantages are low brightness, small viewing angle, and short life of the lens lamp (only a few thousand hours). The advantage of DLP is that the pixels are small and the resolution is high. The disadvantage is that there are seams. At present, the minimum seam can reach 1mm. Rear projection and plasma displays are suitable for closer viewing. For the indoor full-color LED display, the advantages are high brightness and no seams, but the disadvantage is that the pixel particles are thicker and the definition is lower. At present, the more economical models of commercial indoor full-color LED screens are P5, P6, and other models are P3, P4, etc. When purchasing indoor full-color LED displays, we can consider the following aspects.


1. LED die. Like the outdoor full-color LED display, it is generally recommended that the LED of the indoor full-color LED display adopts the light-emitting diode packaged by Meiyadi, and the high-end products are recommended to use the die of Japan Nichia and the United States CREE.


2. the packaging form. The advantages of surface mount package 3528, 2121, and 1010 are large viewing angle, good luminous consistency, easy automatic welding and processing, and are the mainstream products of full-color LED display.


3. Density. Because the indoor full-color LED chip generates a large amount of heat and the control circuit density is high, the point density of the commercial full-color LED display screen cannot be made very high. At present, P3, P4, P5 and P6 are widely used in the market. These are relatively economical and are mainly mainstream products in the middle and low-end markets.


4. the driving method. The driving method of indoor full-color LED display is constant current driving, and adopts dynamic scanning method (mainly 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and other scanning methods).


5. Refresh frequency. Improve the refresh rate, no flicker or trailing in camera shooting.


The above are some tips for purchasing indoor full-color LED displays summarized by the editor of Lianchengfa, I hope it can help everyone.