Analysis On the Detection Method of Photoelectric Performance of LED Display Screen

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-08-15 Views: 1784

In recent years, LED display technology has developed very rapidly. Various LED display devices, such as special-shaped screens, VR interactive screens, and high-definition small-pitch LED displays, have been launched into the market one after another, and they have been widely welcomed by the industry.  


Today, when the LED display has become the darling of the display market, it is necessary for us to understand some parameters and detection methods of the optoelectronic performance of the LED display. The editor of Lianchengfa ( will introduce it to you.


Full-color LED display optoelectronic performance indicators: electrical characteristics include lamp power, power factor; thermal characteristics include heat resistance and junction temperature; color characteristics mainly include correlation color temperature, color rendering index, chromaticity coordinates, chromaticity tolerance, dominant wavelength ( Monochrome), uneven color distribution uniformity and color space; life features mainly include switching frequency test, life/accelerated life test, cavity repair rate (luminous flux retention rate)/intensity repair rate.



Full-color LED display photoelectric function detection method: Reflective cup type MR16 or PAR beam point of view, light intensity can be measured by a small bedroom diffuse photometer, when testing, mechanical axis, axial line, defect is the work of testing abnormal posture Conditions, the test results need to be revised; the luminous flux of the LED lamp can also be used to measure the scatter photometer, when testing the gamma range to 180 degrees, and the center of the lamp with the same mechanical axis. The flaw is that the exam time is too long.


The main parameters of the photoelectric color function of the full-color LED display include: total lamp power, power factor, light intensity distribution, total lamp output luminous flux, output luminous efficiency, lumen retention rate/luminous flux retention rate, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance , color coordinates, spatial unevenness of chromaticity, etc. Under the premise of the correct test method, the accurate measurement of the photoelectric color performance parameters of the full-color LED display is achieved by selecting the appropriate testing method, which provides data support for the scientific evaluation of the current status and development trend of the performance of the full-color LED display.


 The above is the analysis of Lianchengfa's editor on the photoelectric performance detection method of LED display, I hope it can help everyone.