Anti-Condensation Analysis of Outdoor LED Display

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As we all know, condensation is a potential hidden danger of LED display, especially for components such as module connectors that do not have three waterproof coatings, condensation is very likely to corrode the metal materials of the components, thus affecting the plug performance, affecting the display effect of the display. Outdoor LED display is very easy to cause condensation and water droplets on the circuit board under the conditions of wind, rain, thunder, snow, high and low temperature changes, which will affect the display. In this case, the product life is only indoor LED display. of about 30%.


How to effectively prevent condensation, waterproof, improve the life of the display circuit board, and save the cost of rework has become a major problem in the quality of outdoor LED displays. Let's take a look at the related solutions:


Outdoor led display anti-condensation solution one [painted with three anti-paint]


In view of the condensation problem of outdoor LED display, many outdoor LED display applications in my country are not protected by circuit board products, so the problem is widespread. In view of this situation analysis, the use of anti-condensation three-proof paint solution, on the one hand, solves the problem of circuit board condensation, and on the other hand can improve product life.


The principle of the anti-condensation solution for the removal of anti-condensation three-proof paint is mainly through the low-concentration micron coating technology, so that a layer of anti-condensation three-proof paint with a thickness of microns is attached to the surface of the circuit board. It has extremely low surface tension, so that If so, the condensation on the circuit board will automatically slide off, thus achieving the anti-condensation effect.


Outdoor led display anti-condensation solution 2 [electric heating method]


Using electric heating method: adding anti-condensation device inside the led display screen; keeping the temperature inside the display screen higher than the ambient temperature outside the screen, and reducing the relative humidity inside the screen as much as possible, it can completely prevent condensation inside the screen.