Reasons and Solutions for Full-Color LED Display Screen Not Bright

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-02-13 Views: 1777


When the controller settings and cables are properly connected, sometimes the full-color LED display does not light up. What is the reason for this? How to investigate and solve it? To understand these problems, we must first understand how the LED full-color display is controlled.


The LED full color screen control part is divided into:

1. Computer + control software + independent graphics card 2, data sending card 3, data receiving card. Its simple control process is: the control software transmits the video or picture data collected on the computer through the independent graphics card to the sending card, and then distributes it to the data receiving card through the sending card. It is also necessary to understand some of the overall reasons why the LED display does not light up.


The reasons why the whole screen of the LED display is not bright are as follows:

1. Data cable problem: The network cable is slack or falls off, causing the whole screen to not light up.

2. Screen power supply problem: a problem with the power supply of the whole screen will cause all the lights to be off, and a problem with the 5v power supply to the first receiving card will cause the receiving card to not work properly, and it will also cause the entire screen to not light up;

3. Computer software problems: The computer LED control software is reset, and the computer firewall restricts the use of the control software. This problem will occur.

4. Graphics card problem: Data cannot be collected due to damaged graphics card or loose interface; data acquisition and transmission fail due to broken graphics card;

5. Sending card problem: The data cannot be accepted or sent due to the damaged sending card;

6. Receiving card problem: There is a problem with the first receiving card connected to the sending card, which may cause the LED display screen to not light up;


The above are the most common reasons that cause the full-color LED display screen to not light up. Start with the most basic and in-depth investigation step by step. If you still can't solve the problem, you can directly contact your after-sales LED display service manufacturer.