What Are The Specifications And Dimensions Of Indoor LED Display Screens? How to Choose The Best Model?

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What are the specifications and dimensions of indoor LED display screens? For friends who need or potentially need to buy LED screens, understanding these is of great significance for choosing indoor LED full-color screen models. The following is the size information of common indoor LED display screens from Liancheng and teaches you how to choose a suitable indoor LED display:


The following is the model size parameter table of LCF indoor LED display screen:


Indoor LED display size specification parameter table


How to choose the indoor LED display model? 

It is not recommended to use large spacing specifications for small-area screens, but it is possible to use small spacing specifications for large-area screens. For example, for a full-color LED display of about 10 square meters, it is recommended to use P5 or P6, but not P7.62 or P8; for an LED display of more than 50 square meters, P3, P4, P5, P6, and P7.62 can be used. If the budget is sufficient, the effect of choosing P5 is of course very clear, but it is more economical to choose models above P6.


At present, Lianchengfa has several better-selling indoor LED full-color displays:


The pixel density of the P4 full-color display is 62,500 dots per square meter. Our standard module size is 256mm*128mm. Of course, its high-definition is of course needless to say, but the production cost is relatively high, and it is appropriate when the LED display area is more than 3 square meters.


The physical pixel density of P5 full-color LED display is 40,000 points/square meter, the standard size of the module is 160mm*160mm, and the standard size of the display box is 960mm*960mm. Using 1/8 constant current dynamic scanning method, the brightness can reach more than 1800cd/㎡, which is enough to meet the needs of indoor brightness display and display clearly. The screen area should be more than 8 square meters.


The physical pixel density of the P6 display screen is 27777 points/square meter, the standard size of our module is 192mm*192mm, the best viewing distance is more than 6 meters, and the screen area is more than 10 square meters.


The above is the introduction of the specifications and dimensions of the indoor LED full-color display. Also remind you: the choice of indoor LED full-color display should not only focus on density and high definition, it is recommended to comprehensively consider the production area, installation location, viewing distance and budget cost of the display. Lianchengfa provides the latest indoor LED display products and quotation information, as well as a series of LED display engineering solutions, welcome to consult.