How to Choose A High-Quality Large Stage car LED Display

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 At present, the car LED high-definition energy-saving full-color displays are all full-color, and single and double colors are rarely used. The full-color LED display has a clearer picture, intuitive and vivid playback effect, and better advertising effect. At present, stage advertising vehicles can use P6, P8 and P10 outdoor full-color display screens. The price difference between different models and qualities of screens is a little large. Calculated as a square, in the case of the same configuration of control card, power supply, box material, etc., the price on the screen alone may differ by about 100,000.

1. Selection of stage vehicle LED advertising screen:


1. The formality of the manufacturer


At present, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers have the strongest comprehensive strength, including brand, product quality, after-sales service, etc. This can be understood through the Internet or the industry. As a LED display brand manufacturer, Lianchengfa has been in the industry for 13 years and has tens of thousands of cases in the industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise. Lianchengfa's new generation of car LED advertising display has been launched, models include P6, P8, P10, P12 and so on. It can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.


2. Consider the use


If it is mainly used for commodity exhibitions, then choose the side-expanded 18 square meters. If it is a wedding performance car, you can choose a two-sided unfolding 24 square meters. If it is a large-scale party and event performance, you should choose a 60-80 square meter stage car.


3. Consider the budget


For those who have sufficient funds and intend to perform on stage, an optional LED stage car with a full-color LED screen can be installed. For simple performances or stage construction, an economical stage car can be directly selected.


4. Choose according to cultural background


Now, both public welfare and commercial stage advertising vehicles should be closely linked with the local cultural background to consider the configuration of stage vehicles, so as to gain more support.


Second, Lianchengfa common stage LED display size:


Model density (dots/㎡) Module size (mm)


P3 111111 192*96 P4 62500 256*128 P4 62500 128*128 P5 40000 320*160 P5 40000 160*160

P6 27777 192*192 P6 27777 192*96 P7.62 17222 244*244 P7.62 17222 244*122 P10 10000 320*160

P6 27777 192*192 P8 15625 256*128 P10 10000 320*160 P6 27777 384*192


In addition, when choosing a stage vehicle LED advertising screen, you also need to consider the model, viewing distance and budget. After all, the budget is also limited, and a good viewing effect is also necessary. For other related questions about stage LED display and vehicle LED advertising screen, you can contact us.