How to Detect and Distinguish Whether the LED Display Unit Board is Good or Bad?

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The most basic unit of LED display is the LED unit board. If there is a problem with the unit board, it will directly affect the display effect of the whole screen, such as common chromatic aberration, regional black screen and other phenomena! How to detect and distinguish the quality of the LED display unit board? It has become a concern of both merchants and manufacturers. The following are the practical methods for detecting LED unit boards organized by LCF:

1. Material

1. LED unit board sheet

Some LED unit board manufacturers use cheap flame retardant paper board or single-sided fiberboard as the PCB circuit board for LED lights in order to compete at low prices. There is no difference at the beginning of use. It is easy to break due to moisture, ultraviolet damage, oxidation, etc. after using for about 1 year, resulting in the scrapping of the entire LED unit board. The high-quality LED display unit board uses a double-sided full glass fiber PCB board, although the cost is high, the quality is guaranteed.

2. IC device

Whether the brands of IC devices are consistent. What type of IC is used, and how many ICs are used, these are enough to affect the quality of the LED unit board. Some LED display manufacturers, in order to save costs, deliberately reduce the number of ICs when producing unit boards, or include other brands of ICs.

3. LED lamp beads and chips:

The naked eye cannot distinguish the quality of lamp beads from bad. It can only be determined by long-term testing. Generally, for informal LED display manufacturers, the products will be powered on before leaving the factory to check whether the LED display can operate normally, but it will not undergo a long-term aging test, because there are time costs and labor costs. As a Shenzhen LED display brand manufacturer, Lianchengfa has a strict production and quality inspection process. Before the products are shipped, the aging test is carried out for at least 72 hours to ensure that each product can be delivered to customers perfectly.

2. Welding quality

Check whether the patch has components missing or wrongly pasting, and whether there is a short circuit of component pin burrs. Check whether the solder joints of the straight plug-in are smooth and round, whether the board surface is clean and tidy, and there is no false soldering or missing soldering. Check the flatness of the light-emitting dot matrix and the consistency of the ink color.

3. Power-on test

Power-on test (refer to the steps of "Performance Test Report"):

①Power on to test the consistency of the luminous lattice;

②Power-on test to see if the line drive tube CEM4953 is effectively protected;

③Power-on test signal transmission capability.



The above is about the method of detecting the quality of the LED display unit board. Quality is king, refuse to resist cheap and shoddy LED displays, so as to avoid damage to the LED unit board affecting normal work and subsequent unnecessary maintenance.

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