How to Choose The Right LED Advertising Display in Supermarkets?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-15 Views: 1763


How to choose the right LED advertising display in supermarkets? It needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the user and the characteristics of the LED screen. Generally speaking, the LED display in supermarkets and shopping malls has the advantages of clear fonts, low prices, and cluster control.


      The LED advertising display in supermarkets and shopping malls mainly broadcasts information such as advertising promotions, mainly to display text information, and requires low prices, so P10 outdoor and semi-outdoor LED displays can be selected; if the display effect is good, indoor P5, P6, P7 can be selected .62, P8 full color display and outdoor P10, P12 full color display.


      In addition to the factors of the price and model of the LED display, it is necessary to further screen from the following three aspects:

      (1) Brightness


      Indoor ordinary illumination environment is recommended to use indoor screen; outdoor should choose outdoor screen; in open hall, eaves, outdoor canopy or sunny roof and other strong lighting environment, it is recommended to use semi-outdoor LED display;


      (2) Display content


      If it is required to display video pictures, it is recommended to choose a full-color display. The video image needs at least 50,000 dots or more to have a clear display effect.


      Display screen resolution (total pixel density) should be in X (row) * Y (column) ≥ 50000 points

      For example, the customer chose Lianchengfa P8 outdoor LED display, the pixel density (dots/square meter) is 15625, so at least 50000/15625=3.2 square meters are needed to achieve the display effect.


      If you play text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, and animations, you should choose a dual-base color grayscale display;

      If you play text, data, tables, and two-dimensional graphics, you can choose a dual-color LED display;

      If you play text, data, and tables, you can choose a monochrome display.


      (3) Information capacity and viewing distance


      There is no limit to the information content displayed by the LED screen, but the content that appears on a screen is limited. The optimal viewing distance of different models of displays is different. For example, the P8 outdoor full-color display, the optimal viewing distance is 8~27 meters. If the viewing distance is less than 8 meters, the graininess of the picture is strong and unclear. Not too big, the screen looks too small.


      The above are the matters needing attention in the selection of LED display screens in supermarkets and shopping malls. For more related questions, you can contact LCF.