What Should Be Paid Attention to InThe Rental and use of stage LED Display?

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At present, festival celebrations and large-scale evening parties, stage LED displays are widely in demand. On the one hand, the use time is not long, and it is more economical to rent; on the other hand, the installation and on-site committee are carried out by the people of the rental company, saving unnecessary trouble. So what should be paid attention to in the rental and use of stage LED display?


       1. Precautions for rental and purchase of stage LED display


      1. Company reputation

      There is a professional team of stage LED display rental, stage LED display rental first-class equipment, and the service is better, otherwise it will be a headache if it is ignored or not handled well after the fee.

      2. Fair price

      The rental price of the stage LED display screen is currently around 800 per square meter. In addition, it is necessary to calculate the price according to the length of the rental period, screen size and type, and give a reasonable quotation.

      3. LED rental screen quality

      The flatness, brightness and viewing angle of the LED display, color reproducibility, and the presence or absence of dead spots all affect the playback effect of the stage LED display, and also affect the atmosphere of the event.

       2. Matters needing attention in the use of stage LED display

      1. The shooting distance should be appropriate

      As mentioned earlier when talking about the dot pitch and fill factor, the appropriate shooting distances are different for stage LED displays with different dot pitches and different fill factors. Taking an LED display with a dot pitch of 4.25 mm and a fill factor of 60% as an example, the distance between the person being photographed and the screen should be 4-10 meters, so that a better background picture can be obtained when shooting people.

      2. Ensure a good use environment

      The stage LED display is mainly composed of control board, switching power supply, light-emitting devices, etc., and the life and stability of all these components are closely related to the working temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified use range of the product, not only its life will be shortened, but the product itself will also be seriously damaged. In addition, the threat of dust cannot be ignored. When working in a dusty environment, since the PCB absorbs dust, the deposition of dust will affect the heat dissipation of the electronic components, which will cause the temperature of the components to rise, and then the thermal stability will decrease or even leakage will occur, and in severe cases, it will lead to burnout. Dust can also absorb moisture, which can corrode electronic circuits and cause short circuits that are not easy to troubleshoot. Pay attention to keep the studio clean, avoid dust, and do a good job in advance


      The above are some precautions for the rental and use of stage LED display screens, I hope to be helpful to everyone. In addition, the stage LED display screen rental market has broad prospects, and price, quality and service are always the topics of concern to users.