Is There a Universal Outdoor LED Display Control Software?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-13 Views: 1858


At present, the application of outdoor LED display is mature, but the control software of outdoor LED display is not rich enough. Many people have the experience of using different LED display software, and the operation process and use are different, so they are not used to it, and the impact is inconvenient. Therefore, many people wonder if there is a general purpose LED display control software?


First of all, you need to look at the control software itself. At present, the outdoor LED display control software mainly includes system control software (outdoor LED display playback software), outdoor LED display demonstration software, outdoor LED display test software, and outdoor LED display auxiliary software. Wait.


Most are not universal for system control software. This is because this type of software mainly works with the hardware system and has different interfaces for different hardware, so there is basically no general software. Such software is mainly provided by hardware system vendors.


For outdoor LED display demonstration software, most of them are general. Demonstration software usually simulates various display effects of the LED display, and does not depend on a specific hardware (here refers to special hardware such as LED system control card).


For outdoor LED display test software and auxiliary software, some are general, some are not, depending on the specific software. Some of the test software are compatible with products with different interfaces, and some are specially provided for a certain product. The outdoor LED display auxiliary software is mostly combined with practical applications, such as the advertising release system and securities display software independently developed by our company.


Therefore, the general use of outdoor LED display control software is unreliable.