How to Implement the Curved LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-10 Views: 1682


How to do the curved LED display? In order to maximize the efficacy of the LED display, the curved LED display came into being, which is mainly used in commercial buildings, real estate buildings, hotels and other places.


The LED arc display screen is divided into inner arc, outer arc, circular arc, elliptical arc, and semi-circular arc display box to make the radian you need. Spliced together, the steel structure is designed according to the display screen.


For the curved LED screen, if the traditional horizontal module is used, there will be many problems, such as large seams and uneven curvature of the screen body, which cannot be adapted to large curvature occasions. Therefore, in order to ensure that the radian is as smooth as possible, Lianchengfa adopts a vertical module to achieve better surface smoothness, and it is easy to assemble into a large-curved display screen.


At present, there are many curved displays on the market. There are 3 main approaches:

1. If the radius of the arc is greater than one meter, make the box into a vertical strip and install it by splicing.

2. If the radius of the arc is smaller, it is necessary to make the box into a curved one. Just pay attention when splicing the unit modules.

3. If the radius of the arc is smaller, less than 0.5 meters, the unit can only be specially made, and the unit is made into a vertical strip. In addition, when making the steel structure of the screen, it needs to be processed in an arc.