Does the Indoor LED Full-Color Display Need to be Waterproofed?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-09 Views: 1589

We know that the LED outdoor display will face bad weather such as rain and rain because it is placed outdoors, so it is necessary to do waterproof treatment. However, it is not clear whether the indoor full-color display is waterproof or not. This is what customers and friends who do not know about the industry need to know.

For the question of "whether the indoor LED full-color display is waterproof", we can simply learn from the comparison between outdoor and indoor:


The outdoor full-color LED screen is composed of: the outdoor module and the closed box structure are processed to form an outdoor waterproof display box, and the waterproof display box is assembled into an outdoor full-color display screen.


The waterproof level of outdoor LED full-color display is IP65, 6 is to prevent objects and dust from entering the screen, and 5 is to prevent water from entering the screen under the condition of spraying. Of course, it is no problem for heavy rain. And it is divided into a simple box and a sealed box. The waterproof process on the back of the two is different. The simple box solves the waterproof problem at the back by wrapping the edges. After the whole screen is installed, aluminum-plastic panels and waterproof glue are required. And other materials for waterproof edge treatment, the waterproof effect also reaches IP65.


Nowadays, most of the outdoor full-color screens use simple cabinets. Moreover, at the beginning of production, the LED module itself has to undergo a glue filling process, which is a very important step in the waterproofing process.

For the LED indoor display, there is no environmental impact of wind and rain. Compared with the outdoor, the production process of the module lacks the waterproof treatment, such as the glue filling process. Therefore, the general indoor LED full-color display is not waterproof, nor does it need to be waterproofed.