How to Solve the Garbled Characters in the Outdoor Monochrome LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-08 Views: 2111

What should I do if there are garbled characters in the monochrome LED display? During the use of some outdoor displays, especially the outdoor monochrome LED display, there will be garbled characters. How to solve garbled characters


1. The problem of water leakage

First of all, most of the garbled codes on the LED display are related to water leakage. Due to improper rain protection measures, water will be immersed after it rains. Causes a short circuit on the circuit board, resulting in garbled characters. If this happens, Jianyi will immediately find a supplier or a maintenance manufacturer for maintenance.


2. Transmission data problem

The control circuit of the brain output to the screen is faulty, focus on checking the power supply and signal input parts of the screen. Such as damage to the control system board, damage to the data cable interface, and reverse connection of the data cable, etc., will cause garbled characters on the outdoor display.


3. The problem of wiring

In the case of excluding the power supply problem, test whether the power supply of the module in the defective part is normal (if the first block that is not normal is dark and bright 80%, there is a problem with the power supply).


4. Software or control card problem

If the parameters of the LED display screen are not set properly, at this time, it is necessary to determine the scanning configuration problem, usually 1/4 scanning; if it is not a software problem, check the control card problem; if it is not good, only contact the service provider to solve it.