The Difference Between Indoor LED Display P3 and P4, which is Better?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-12-02 Views: 1574


What is the difference between indoor LED display P3 and P4? In terms of model, performance and price, what are the differences, and which one is better? Let's compare them below.


       First of all, P3 and P4, the value behind P is the distance between two pixel points or lights (unit is mm), so their point spacing is 3mm and 4mm. Therefore, the number of points on the same area, P3 should be more, and P4 should be less. For example, there are about 62,500 P4 pixels on a 1 square meter area, while only 111,111 on P3.


       The smaller the dot pitch of the LED display, the higher the pixels, and the better the picture clarity. However, the smaller the point spacing, the more difficult it will be to produce. Therefore, for the same box type and configuration, the price of P3 is higher than that of P4.


       The larger the dot pitch, the farther the viewing distance is suitable for. Generally, there is a formula to calculate the best viewing distance = dot pitch/(0.3~0.8), which is an approximate range. From this, it is calculated that the suitable viewing distance of P4 is 5-13m. When viewing within this range, the effect is good enough to meet daily practical applications. Of course, if you use P3, the effect will be very good, but it is not necessary and the budget will be higher.


       It is worth noting that: choosing a suitable LED display must consider comprehensive factors such as viewing distance, screen area, price, etc. Here, Liancheng Fa recommends that you choose a product that can meet the actual display application in daily life, because the right one is the right one. the best.


       By analogy with the above, we can know the difference between other different models, and we will not describe too much here. The above is the difference between indoor LED display P3 and P4. For more information about indoor and outdoor LED display prices, models and other related issues, you can communicate with LCF's customer service.