Advantages of Full Color Indoor LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-11-11 Views: 1787


Today, for video surveillance systems, [indoor LED display] has become an important front-end display device. However, if you want to achieve high-quality monitoring effects, choosing a suitable LED display is obviously not to be ignored. Below, the LED display products developed and produced by Shenzhen LED display manufacturer Lianchengfa - full color [indoor LED display Screen】.

Indoor LED display】Product features:

Ø High density, small point spacing design;

Ø All-path Gigabit fiber/network transmission and 128-bit signal processing system;

Ø Low grayscale, high performance, rich program levels, and synchronous display with the computer;

Ø Real-time editing and real-time display of emergency playback content;

Ø The software and hardware system supports playback layout adjustment, playback plan arrangement, playback record statistics and other functions;

Ø Project customized display effect and resolution design;

Ø Point-to-point control of the mapping between the playback system and the display surface;

Ø Each primary color of RGB has 16-bit color change capability, which can combine 281 trillion colors;

Ø DVI interface supports digital information input, which can be extended to multi-function video interface display system: CV, YPbPr, HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, etc.;

【Indoor LED display】Application scope:

Military command, monitoring and dispatching, video conferencing, indoor radio and television media, intelligent traffic monitoring, indoor stage art, passenger guidance and information display in stations, docks and airports, vehicle-mounted and airborne, etc.