Price Components of Full Color LED Display

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The first time a customer purchases an LED display, he must be concerned about the price of the LED display and some specific situations. For example, what are the parts of the LED display screen? What accessories are needed besides the LED display screen? What is the cost of each part?

The first part: [full color LED display] screen body cost

The LED display screen is the most important part of the LED large screen project, and the cost also accounts for more than 70% of the total project investment. The LED large screen is composed of display modules, power supplies, boxes, and cable power supplies. line composition. Among them, the module cost is the highest. Taking the P10 full-color display screen as an example, a mid-range P10 full-color module is usually priced at about 78 yuan (data as of 10.01, 2013). There are many low-priced domestic manufacturers ( The selling price is around 60-65 yuan) in order to snatch the market, steal the beam and replace the column, produce it with defective materials, and fool customers. Here we would like to solemnly tell you once again: the quality of LED electronic products is very critical, and it is absolutely not worthwhile to reduce the investment cost by reducing the quality. Lianchengfa adheres to the principle of quality as the life of the enterprise, will provide customers with consistent products and services, and reject low-end garbage LED displays!

The second part: [full color LED display] Control system:

LED large screen playback is generally divided into two types: synchronous control and asynchronous control. Asynchronous control is common in single and dual-color LED displays, and synchronous control is mostly used in the field of full-color LED displays. The synchronous display system is based on the computer synchronization mode. The display screen is connected to the computer with a network cable. The synchronization system consists of a sending card and a receiving card. The outdoor display area is less than 80 square meters. Usually, one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards are used. (Two boxes and one card), the system cost of indoor LED color screen is relatively high, because its pixel density is much higher than that of outdoor electronic screen.

Part 3: [Full Color LED Display] Accessories

For the electronic display to work normally, it is not enough to have an LED display. It also needs some accessories to be used together. The most basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), air conditioner (heat dissipation is very important), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card ( It can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), video processor (optional), etc. The cost of accessories varies greatly depending on the brand selected. It is normal for one of them to differ by several thousand yuan. The display manufacturer only purchases on behalf of them, and does not produce related accessories. Therefore, most accessories are recommended for customers to buy locally.

The fourth part: [full color LED display] steel structure, basic frame

The general installation methods of LED large screen are divided into: wall type, floor type, mosaic type, column type and roof type. The LED electronic screens we see now, whether it is a large screen on the wall of a high-rise building or an indoor background wall LED electronic screen, are all fixed by steel structures. Especially for outdoor large-scale LED advertising display screens, for safety reasons, the requirements for steel structures are very high. The basic frame of steel structures is second only to the screen body of LED display screens. The price of ordinary outdoor wall-mounted steel structure manufacturers is 1200- Between 1,500 yuan/square meter, the cost of indoor wall-mounted LED screen square pass structure is about 600 yuan/square meter, and the cost of Optimus Prime-type fixed steel structure and column foundation is 2,000-2,500 yuan/square meter. Liancheng issued a warm reminder: In order to save costs to the greatest extent, it is recommended that the manufacturer provide construction drawings, and the customer can make the welded steel structure locally.

Part 5: Logistics transportation, installation, etc.

After talking about the four parts of the appeal, it can be said that 99% of the display screen project has been completed, and the remaining 1% is naturally transportation and installation. Lianshuo Optoelectronics LED display shipments are completely in accordance with the national standard. In order to protect the safety of the goods, all goods are processed with pearl cotton, plastic wrap, cardboard boxes, and wooden frames, and the most reliable logistics company in China - Debon Logistics is comprehensive. Cooperation. All is ready except for the opportunity. The last step is the installation and commissioning of the display screen. Customers in any part of the country can enjoy the on-site installation guidance of Lianchengfa engineers. We will send the most experienced and skilled personnel to the installation site to assist in the installation, and provide one-to-one customer operators. Or one-to-many professional technical training to ensure that the display will not be stagnant due to minor problems.