What is the Cause of the "Caterpillar" Phenomenon of LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-08-09 17:44 Views: 562

With the rapid development trend of small-pitch LED display, the dot pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and the density is getting higher and higher, which brings new challenges to the inherent production process, and also produces new display problems. The "caterpillar" phenomenon is one of the more difficult problems in small-pitch displays.

The transition of LED display from static control mode to scanning control mode stems from the improvement of lamp bead brightness and driver chip technology. The scanning control mode simplifies the control circuit and reduces heat generation, but at the same time causes secondary hazards—— Caterpillars strung brightly.

The "caterpillar" phenomenon refers to the appearance of a column of long bright bars on the screen of the display screen, the length of which is determined by the number of scans of the display screen. When the number of scans is N scans, the bright bar is a long light state composed of N dots, and the bright bar does not change with the change of the screen. Bright bars are different from the stray distribution of blind spots. Bright bars are too concentrated, so the presence of any one bright bar on a unit display area is very noticeable.

The main reasons for the "caterpillar" phenomenon are as follows:

1. The bonding force of the lamp bead package is insufficient

2. Insufficient chip cutting accuracy

3. Use in a humid environment

4. Insufficient internal dispensing control for LED packaging production

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