How is the Curved LED Transparent Screen Made?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-30 14:11 Views: 725

At present, the curtain wall LED display is basically square in China, which is a bit stereotyped. If you can make some creative special-shaped LED transparent screens, such as curved surfaces or selected angles, the surprising design will attract more people's attention.

The advantages of LED curved display:


1. Better visual experience.

The human eyeball is convex with a certain radian, and the radian of the curved LED transparent screen can ensure that the eyes can transmit the same to the human eye after seeing the screen. The same goes for TVs and display screens, curved screens allow for a better sensory experience, allowing for a consistent sensory experience regardless of whether it is centrally positioned.

2. Greater flexibility.

Now most TVs, tablets, and notebooks have flat screens. However, if you want to make a watch, the flat screen may be very limited. At this time, the curved screen can exert its flexibility, and he can create some specific arcs to meet the needs of the product. Similarly, many large commercial plazas have also adopted transitional all-round curved LED transparent screens, which can help advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.


How to make a curved LED transparent screen?

The curved surface of the LED transparent screen is divided into inner arc, outer arc and circular arc. For the curved LED transparent screen, if the traditional horizontal module is used, there will be many problems, such as large seams and uneven curvature of the screen body, which cannot be adapted to large curvatures. occasion. Therefore, in order to ensure that the arc is as smooth as possible, more vertical modules are used to achieve better surface smoothness, and it is easy to assemble into a large arc display.


There are many outer curved LED transparent screens on the market. There are mainly 3 approaches

1. The radius of the arc is greater than 1 meter, make the box into a vertical strip, and install it by splicing

2. The radius of the arc is between 0.5m and 1m. The cabinet should be made with an arc, and then the unit modules should be spliced together.

3. If the radius of the arc is less than 0.5 meters, the unit can only be specially made, and the unit is made into a vertical strip. In addition, the steel structure of the screen body also needs to be arc-shaped.