What Anti-static Matters Need to be Paid Attention to in the Production of LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-08 10:59 Views: 629

1. Provide training on electrostatic knowledge and related technologies for personnel using electrostatic sensitive circuits.

2. Establish an anti-static work area, use anti-static floors, anti-static workbenches, anti-static grounding leads and anti-static appliances in this area, and control the relative humidity above 40.

3. The hazard caused by static electricity to electronic equipment can occur anywhere from the manufacturer to the field equipment. Hazards are caused by insufficient training and equipment malfunction. LEDs are static-sensitive devices. The INGAN chip is generally considered to be the "first" susceptible to interference. And ALINGAPLEDSSHI "second place" or better.


4. ESD damaged equipment can show dim, blurry, extinguished, short or low VF or VR. Devices damaged by ESD will be confused with electrical overloads, such as due to incorrect current design or drive, die attach, wire shield grounding or packaging, or general environmental induced stress.

5. ESD safety and control procedures: Most electronic and electro-optical companies have very similar ESDs and have successfully implemented ESD control, manipulation and main procedures for all equipment. These procedures have since been developed for ESD instruments to detect mass effects. ISO-9000 certification also included him in normal control procedures.

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