Introduction of Flexible Screen in LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-31 13:36 Views: 675

With the advent of the intelligent era in the 21st century, the LED display application market is becoming more and more mature, and its subdivided products are becoming more and more. Among them, LED flexible screen is one of them. However, this is also a subdivided product of LED display, LED stage rental screen, LED transparent screen, LED special-shaped screen, etc. ...... have been welcomed by the vast market, but this kind of LED flexible screen has become a Exception - It has been tepid for a long time since its inception. Considering the general state of common sense, it has indeed achieved the biggest breakthrough in form, but why is it not as dazzling as ordinary LED displays. What is the reason for this?


Usually, the LED display screens we are familiar with are in the form of rigidity. For example, the word LED electronic display screen and softness cannot be matched at the same time, but the emergence of LED flexible screen just breaks this perception. Different from the previous LED display screens, the LED flexible screens mostly use flexible FPC circuit boards, and use rubber materials to make the mask and bottom shell, and then cooperate with special designs such as locking devices, so as to ensure the maximum LED display screen. degree of flexibility to achieve the curved shape. In addition, the previous LED display screen was installed with screws, frames and other major projects, but the LED flexible screen is as simple and convenient as sticking a piece of paper on the wall. Because the weight is relatively light, the LED flexible screen is installed by magnet adsorption, pasting and other methods. The installation will be simpler and more convenient, and it can better reduce the burden of use.

As far as the current situation is concerned, due to various technical reasons, the clarity of the LED flexible screen is far less than that of the traditional LED display, so its displayed picture is also comparable, not like traditional videos and pictures. , so that the LED flexible screen cannot enter the advertising and other fields, but is more used in bars, stages, shopping malls, and conferences. , clothing display, etc. In addition, since the flexibility of the LED flexible screen is based on the flexibility of the PCB board, if the bending and deformation of the flexible screen exceeds the level that the PCB board can bear, it will lead to product damage, and the consequences of this damage are quite serious.

Many people may not know that LED flexible screens are at a disadvantage in the outdoor market. In order to ensure the softness, LCF, a well-known LED display manufacturer, believes that the stability and protection of the LED flexible screen without the shell is not high. For outdoor waterproof, dustproof, sandproof, high temperature resistance and many other requirements, the LED flexible screen is difficult to do. In addition, many outdoor screens are placed in the air, which requires particularly high stability and relatively low requirements for flexibility, so it is impossible to adopt this form in the installation method. Therefore, the construction of this arc-shaped wall, Therefore, people will use curved screens instead of LED flexible screens, after all, it is not perfect.

However, the most important factor hindering its development in today's society is the high production cost, so it is difficult to be widely used. Especially those special-shaped flexible screens require special customization, and different shapes need to correspond to different specifications, which will also increase the production cost by geometric multiples, so too special shapes are still rarely used in production. Although the current LED flexible screen is still not perfect, we firmly believe that with the development of technology and technology, the technical problems of LED flexible screen will be solved well, and the market of LED flexible screen will become very considerable.