How to Set the Screen Ratio of Full Color LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-31 11:57 Views: 739

The full-color LED display can play different video signals according to the environment, such as self-made LED promotional films, self-recorded video films by guests, TV broadcasts, movie entertainment, commercial advertisements, etc. The proportion of the video content produced by the advertising company can usually be designed according to the proportion of the full-color LED display screen. The proportion of the video programs recorded by the guests, such as travel, wedding anniversary, company promotion, event self-portrait, etc., should be based on the shooting tools. The ratio is defined, such as mobile phones, video cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, etc....... The video ratio of TV broadcast is normally 4:3 signal output, such as CCTV programs and local stations, etc.


The display ratio of American blockbusters is usually 2:1 or 16:7, and the display ratio of domestic movies is generally 4:3. Therefore, before we make a full-color LED display, we must conduct in-depth research and planning on the playback content. If The inconsistency between the production ratio of the full-color LED display and the broadcast program will cause the image to be compressed and blurred, and the displayed effect will be very awkward. We can set it through the parameters of the full-color LED display. Leave the top, bottom, left, left, and right of the full-color LED display blank or add text scrolling information to fill it. Such a design is best when the LED screen can be designed according to the playback ratio.

We all know that full-color LED display is divided into indoor full-color LED display and outdoor full-color LED display. Indoor full-color LED display is generally a floor space, and the width is generally not limited, while The height is normally between 2-5 meters. Generally speaking, the outdoor LED full-color large screen is not limited by the size, and the width and height can be adjusted flexibly. The shortcoming is the owner's layout of the advertising space.