Wireless Intelligent Operation of LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-28 11:24 Views: 714

In order to realize the mobile control of the LED display screen, get rid of the traditional fixed computer control or one-way picture and video transmission of mobile phones and tablets, LED screen manufacturers have developed the latest wireless control LED display screen, also called mobile intelligent control system. Wireless control LED screen can be widely used in hotels, villas, clubs, monitoring, command and other fields.


Wireless control function:

Interactive experience: The new mobile interactive functions, unprecedented simple operation, and unique functional design bring customers a perfect and extraordinary interactive experience. Has obtained a number of invention patents and computer software copyrights.

Function operation: play LED screen like playing iPad! Video playback, video switching, progress adjustment, sound adjustment, brightness adjustment... All functions can be easily done with one finger.

Image display: unique image processing technology, showing perfect picture quality. Just drag and drop to realize the picture-in-picture function, and the entire screen can be divided into four-screen and nine-screen, and any content can be quickly switched at any time. The switching process does not affect the playback, and there is no need to exit the current screen.

Wiring system: On the premise of the same function, it can save customers more than ten sets of professional equipment and dozens of wires. In the simplest state, the complete set of equipment only needs a few wires to connect, which is clean and simple.

System configuration: Strictly implement high standards, the main control raw materials are provided by internationally renowned leading companies in various industries, and with the help of Apple's iPad platform, it is committed to becoming a unique high-quality synonym for LED screen display control.

System structure: It perfectly supports two mobile platform systems, IOS and Android, and can be used to control the LED display regardless of whether it is a smart phone or a tablet computer.

Signal type: It can be connected to any external desktop computer, notebook, video camera, DV, hard disk, U disk, DVD and other devices, and supports the access of various common multimedia signals in the market.