Introduction of LED Display Advertising and Appearance Characteristics of LED Display Advertising

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What is LED display advertising?

The LED display (visual-dynamic) is placed under the rear windshield of the taxi, and transmits information through wireless GPS. The color of the displayed text is yellow, which is eye-catching and has a strong visual impact. Low cost, wide coverage, 24/7 customer service, high-end population coverage, and timely information release. Compared with other forms of outdoor media, the rolling broadcast method has a wider spread, and the running forms of advertising fonts are flexible, diverse and dynamic, such as panning. , rotate, wipe, pull screen, turn page, move rotate, zoom out, zoom in, single/multi-line, move up/down, pull left/right, pull up/down and so on, the form is novel, the sight is easy to be attracted, avoid The visual fatigue and aesthetic fatigue caused by a single operation form can attract the attention of the audience to the greatest extent, so as to achieve the purpose of effective communication. The low cost of content replacement LED scrolling display is not only a medium for disseminating information, but also a platform to show the charm of Hong Kong City.

Features of taxi LED display advertising media:

(1) The traditional taxi advertising information has a single form. Only when the audience sees it can the information spread, and the information is in a passive position; and now the new taxi advertising media combines the back panel, the LED scrolling display, and the voice broadcast. , fully mobilize the audience's hearing and vision, so that the information from passive to active. It is worth noting that the LED display is not limited by the weather and is more noticeable at night.

(2) The traditional taxi advertising information is updated slowly and cannot achieve the purpose of rapid dissemination, while the information of the new taxi advertising media is transmitted by wireless GPS, which can make the information disseminate and update the fastest, and preempt it for you faster. market.

(3) The new taxi advertising media makes the audience more extensive, and the audience inside and outside the car can receive information, including car owners, taxi drivers, passers-by, etc.; the coverage area is larger, covering the streets of Hong Kong City Alleys, as long as there are cars passing by, you can spread the information of your company, 24 hours a day, with an amazing transmission rate and large coverage.

(4) One of the biggest features of taxis is that they are extremely mobile. They travel through all the streets of the city, and even have their footprints in every corner. It is precisely because of this feature that its dissemination range is wider, it can extend to the end of the city, and the advertising transmission rate is stronger.

LED screen advertising renderings

Appearance description of LED screen advertising

1. Display dot matrix: 128cm×16cm;

2. Pixel pitch: 6.0 mm;

3. Font library: GB2312 national standard secondary font library, 16×16 dot matrix Song type font library;

4. Yellow 8-character screen.

LED display advertising