Display Peripheral Technology Upgrade Brings More Possibilities to LED Display

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In recent years, with the advancement of technology, LED display screen plays an increasingly important role in assisting the stage of the party and the opening performance of sports events, and has gradually become the protagonist of the performance. In the two opening shows this year, the number of "screens" on the stage exceeded the standard, becoming one of the most important protagonists in the two events. The shaping and presentation of the visual effect of the LED display is also vividly reflected in these two events. The important core of creating such a grand visual feast is not only the display screen, but also a series of peripheral display technologies. The "chemical reaction" generated by the combination of the two creates an endless stream of scene design ideas, which also makes the LED display effect infinite possibilities.

Strong support of peripheral technology

Build a "perfect" visual feast

In recent years, the application of LED displays has become more and more innovative, especially in some large-scale events and gala evenings, LED displays have gradually gotten rid of background boards and simple signage functions, and gradually integrated into the entire performance design. This application method extends the performance space to a great extent, integrates the actor's performance with the stage, makes the performance and the audience interact with each other, and brings the audience more shocking audio-visual experience. In this year's two major events, the Spring Festival Gala and the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, the LED display is one of the protagonists and has become an indispensable presence in the entire performance. In the past two years, under the influence of the normalization of the epidemic, various large-scale events have been affected one after another. Except for some large-scale international and government events that cannot be cancelled, many entertainment projects are facing delay or rectification. Including this year's Spring Festival Gala and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, it was also influenced by it, and the performances that required a large number of actors were deleted in the program settings, and more reflected in the visual creativity. And how to highlight the theme of the performance in the large stage with simplified performers, using the display screen to present a large area of visual effects has become the first choice. With its seamless connection, the LED display has an unparalleled advantage in laying a large-area visual background wall that can change in real time.

In order to realize the creative and fantastical visual effects at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, in addition to a large number of video materials that need to be produced in advance, at the beginning of the construction of the performance venue and the stage performance that night, it is the integration and cooperation of software and hardware technology. 's results. For example, CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger realizes the seamless connection between live performance and virtual space through the integration and application of intelligent matrix stage system, XR extended reality, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies, allowing the audience to experience the shock of the senses and the recognition of the mind. At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, many difficulties need to be overcome at the beginning of stage construction.

In order to ensure that the ground display system can complete complex and wonderful performances in the open air, the LED display must consider protection at the beginning of the design. In order to visually present the hazy feeling of the ice cubes on the "stage" and support the actors to bear the weight, the technicians have to take these two factors into consideration when designing the mask material for the LED display screen, which is still the most basic one. question. In the creative design of "five rings of ice crystals breaking out of the ice", whether the stage can be lifted and lowered perfectly has become an urgent problem to be solved. In order to "reduce the burden" of Ice Cube, the LED units around it are designed with the most advanced carbon fiber structure. It's just a variety of problems that need to be considered in the early setup. LED screen enterprises need to participate in the design of the product pattern from the beginning, and cooperate with overcoming many technical tests to realize the perfect implementation of the stage performance, and then the task can be successfully completed. In the "Snowflake" program, the AI motion capture interactive system perfectly cooperates with the display screen. More than 600 children sing with the voice of peace dove lanterns, and the snowflakes under each child's feet are like shadows. This is the world's first collective real-time AI motion capture and rendering of more than 600 people. It is the technical team that relies on the advanced AI algorithm to cover the entire scene with 4 cameras, and transmits the location and positioning through the system in real time to realize the real-time interaction between the actors and the large screen laid on the scene.

As the main bearer of the visual effects of the performance, the LED display screen is not only involved in the stage setting, but also deeply involved in the creative design of the entire performance in the early stage, the installation of software and hardware, the implementation of various technological breakthroughs and proofreading, and the security guarantee in the later stage. . The director team and the visual design team proofread over and over again, and the technical support of the visual technical team and the technical team of the screen company completed this amazing event. But in the final analysis, this is due to the continuous upgrading of LED display technology, as well as the technical backing of peripheral technologies including the research and development of new materials, iterative upgrading of display systems, etc., as well as people's continuous pursuit of creative display and the ability to overcome difficulties. determination and courage.

under market demand

The new vitality of the market endowed by the upgrade of peripheral display technology

With the continuous development of modern information technology, display technology is also constantly evolving and iteratively updated. From the naked-eye 3D technology that was popular last year, to the frequent application of AR, VR, and XR technologies in performances, it can be seen that the consumer market has higher and higher requirements for the presentation of visual effects. As a large-screen display that can be seamlessly spliced, the LED display has unique advantages in the shaping of stage dance and visual effect design, which also forces the LED display to be more deeply integrated with these new technologies to present a more perfect display The visual effect of the day on the design artwork.

In addition to the stage beauty, the application of LED displays in the entertainment market has also begun to focus on the integration of display content, playback forms and application scenarios. For example, the large display screens in some large commercial centers are more suitable for the scene in terms of appearance design and content display. This design requirement is also obvious in cultural exhibition halls or cultural tourism projects. Due to the special new display needs, the creative LED tree-shaped speaker screen of Nanjing Dragon Valley needs to customize the display structure, materials and customized display system during design and production, bringing visitors a beautiful and immersive experience. . In the design of some immersive exhibition halls, the application of black technology such as virtual digital production technology, XR technology visual presentation, artificial intelligence, motion capture system, etc., has increased the interactive communication between visitors on the human screen. The exhibition hall is composed of multi-faceted screens. With the support of various technologies, it gives people a sense of "being in it". This not only requires the product support of LED displays in supporting high-definition, high-brush and high-gray high-quality display effects, but also requires a high degree of unity between LEDs and peripheral technologies, various visual effect systems, and related equipment when building an application environment. Under such market demand, it means that the future development of LED displays will not only focus on the display quality requirements and equipment technology upgrades, but also in-depth cooperation with peripheral technologies. The presentation of the content of the LED display screen needs to pay more attention to the presentation of the content and the interaction between people and the screen, the screen and the environment, and these require the support and guarantee of more peripheral technologies and related equipment.

Source of inspiration and technical partner

Companions on the road of development

Over the years, LED display screens have achieved continuous breakthroughs in display technology under the general market trend of "information video, high-definition video", and the technical level has been rapidly improved. After the LED display screen has entered the stage of gradually mature technology development, the market has also entered the stage of making the product faster and better. The breakthrough and maturity of small and micro-pitch technology has become the competitive advantage of LED displays in the commercial display market. In some customized application scenarios, LED displays need to be more "adapted to local conditions" in the application of the scene to avoid being too abrupt and falling into cliches. This kind of application method similar to "high-end customization" makes the LED display screen more creative and special, and it also requires more screen companies to meet the needs of the consumer market and seek more applications of the display screen based on the current technology. Possibility, which is also the reason for the gradual rise of subdivisions such as special-shaped screens and transparent screens in the industry. After the technical requirements based on "hardware" have gradually matured, the screen companies want to obtain more innovations in applications, which means that LED screen companies need to learn more other things, so the audience "sees where they can see" It has become the direction that screen companies need to work hard, and this has become a market that some screen companies are gradually paying attention to.

In recent years, the integration of LED display technology and various peripheral display technologies has continued to deepen with the market demand. This trend has become more and more obvious with the development of information technology and the upgrading of peripheral display technology, which has promoted the LED display to move towards new stage of development. It can be seen that the iteration of peripheral display technology makes the application direction of LED display more possible. Not limited to the Spring Festival Gala and the Winter Olympics opening ceremony full of black technology this year, the production market of film and television works is also a popular market for LED displays in recent years. LED display + various black technologies have become unstoppable. This continuous burst of application innovation advantages will continue to play a role in the development of LED display application scenarios. And how the LED display cooperates with the continuously upgraded peripheral display technology will also become one of the next market competition points for screen enterprises.

With the increasing demand for display screens in the entertainment market and tourism market, more interactive display effects are also required. With the support of the huge market background, the application of display technology has produced various forms of innovative development in the market demand. The display screen behind the information technology, on the way from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, needs to be integrated and integrated with various software and hardware technologies, peripheral display equipment and visual effect systems, so as to make more visual effect creativity. presented to the public. The future application of this LED display has infinite possibilities, and it also indicates that the development of this industry will usher in a future of infinite possibilities and hope with the upgrade of market demand and peripheral technologies.