Policies are Overweight, and Smart Light Pole Companies are Bullish in 2022

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With the evolution of "new infrastructure", "smart city" is no longer a strange and distant term. As the cornerstone of smart city construction, the smart street light market that enhances the appearance of the city is ushering in an industry explosion period.

 According to relevant data, the number of smart light poles in the country has exceeded 260,000, and more than 500 cities are building smart city projects. China has become the world's largest smart city construction country.

Smart light poles are included in the 14th Five-Year Plan

The popularity of the market is inseparable from the support of policies. After the start of 2022, the State Council issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The "Planning" pointed out that the overall planning and top-level design of new smart cities should be promoted in a coordinated manner, the overall planning and top-level design of new smart cities should be strengthened, the integration and sharing of urban data and business collaboration should be promoted, the capability of comprehensive urban management services should be improved, and the urban information model platform and operation management services should be improved. platform, build a digital twin city according to local conditions, and create a new digital life of smart sharing.

As a new generation of urban information infrastructure, smart light poles are not only the natural carrier of sensors, but also an important port for urban information collection. They play a vital role in the process of building a smart city and are closely related to the development of my country's digital economy.

The "14th Five-Year" digital economy development plan is the first national-level special plan in the field of digital economy in my country. The "Plan" focuses on the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure, accelerating the construction of information network infrastructure, and deepening the construction of new smart cities. It is believed that This will usher in a great opportunity for development for the smart light pole industry.


my country's first smart light pole national standard implementation

Where there is technology, there are standards. The first national standard of my country's smart light pole industry, "Smart City Smart Multi-function Pole Service Function and Operation Management Specification", will be officially implemented on March 1, 2022. The release of this standard not only meets the needs of industrial development, unifies the application and operation specifications of smart light poles, but also provides an effective basis for later management integration, multi-pole integration, etc.

This standard is applicable to multi-functional poles for public facilities such as urban roads, highways, expressways, squares, parks, courtyards, etc. It specifies the classification of poles, general requirements, design requirements, layout requirements, functional requirements, safety requirements and operation service requirements. It fills the gap of multi-function poles in national standards, and will further promote "multi-pole integration, one-pole multi-purpose", promote the development of the multi-function pole industry, and provide important support for building a perception network of the Internet of Things and building a digital base for a new smart city. , to promote the development of the digital economy, assist the construction of a digital government, promote digital transformation, and lead a new digital life.

In 2021, the smart light pole business will increase compared with 2020, and it is expected to maintain the growth trend in 2022.

With the accelerated construction of smart cities and 5G networks, the construction of smart light pole projects is in the stage of accelerated implementation, and is expected to become a rapid growth point for LED lighting and its supporting industries in the future.

 In the past 2021, the smart light pole industry has continued to advance on the road of rapid development, with tens of millions and hundreds of millions of smart light pole projects emerging, and the state and relevant departments have issued policy standards to help the development of the smart light pole industry. According to the forecast of relevant institutions, the market size of my country's smart light pole industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2022, and the market is huge, ushering in a new outlet.