Why are Stage Rental Screens So Popular?

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Every year, the New Year's Eve concerts held by David TV are dazzling with various new technologies such as XR and virtual people, and the LED display is also brilliant. Although the market share of LED displays in stage beauty and cultural tourism has shrunk slightly under the influence of the current epidemic, government-level projects and party performances that rely on the country's reasonable control are still the home of LED displays. In fact, the pinnacle of LED display on the domestic stage was the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which not only allowed the world to appreciate China's soft power, but also demonstrated the demeanor of a great country, and this, LED display also has a credit. Since then, the LED display screen has become famous all over the world in the stage rental market, and the splendid future has begun.

The development history of LED display stage application

The application of LED screens on the stage can be traced back to more than 30 years ago. From the microcomputer-controlled stage subtitle display device in 1988 to the advent of the upgraded stage subtitle machine in 1994, before the advent of high-brightness blue light-emitting diodes, LED screens could only display red, green, and orange, and their applications in theaters were limited to subtitle screens and Monogram screen. It was not until 1993 that Japan developed high-brightness blue LEDs, which made LED white lighting a reality and provided conditions for the manufacture of full-color LED screens. Although the successful development of blue LED provides conditions for the manufacture of full-color LED screens, it does not mean that there are mature products. With the rapid development of LED chip technology, driver IC, control and other technologies, the promotion and application of new technologies is rapid. The problem has been gradually solved, and the full-color LED display has gradually developed into a new large-scale terminal display device.

With the gradual development of LED screen technology, various technical performances have been further improved: the fanless cooling technology reduces the working noise of the display screen; the application of point-by-point correction technology reduces the brightness difference and chromaticity difference of the display pixels; module The integrated structure design improves the flexibility of the display screen application and provides users with more creative realization space; the control circuit and software can quickly change the screen according to the program content, which greatly increases the artistic expression of the display screen. Therefore, the application of LED screens on the stage is gradually promoted.

With the upgrade of stage application requirements, the stage design has also undergone new changes in digital applications. Digital images use LED display as a presentation medium, and are widely used in stage design. Because of its simple form of use and good applicability, the LED screen can also change with the requirements of the stage layout. The flexibility of the screen is also extremely high. Traditional sets cannot produce shapes and various spatial arrangements. The use of various combinations of LED displays in the design of the stage design can more directly display the rich digital images on the stage, which not only facilitates the audience to directly feel the story details of the performance, but also makes it easier to pass the digital images with visual impact. The presentation of digital images leads the audience to integrate into the artistic conception conveyed by the plot of the stage works. It is a form of presentation commonly used in stage design. Digital images can be combined or deformed in stage design. Create a colorful visual presentation for the stage.

The large-scale painting-axis floor tile screen with a length of 147 m and a width of 22 m at the Beijing Olympics can be regarded as a preliminary exploration of the application of LED display in the stage art market, and the feedback effect is also rave reviews. Floor tile screen is only one of the application forms. In the subsequent development process, with the continuous upgrading of technology and the diversity of needs, various forms of display screens will show their talents, such as sky screens, curved screens, ice screens, spherical screens, etc. , The creative special-shaped screen makes the stage performance more unique. Taking the ice screen as an example, the new LED display technology is adopted. While getting rid of the heavy appearance of the traditional LED display, it retains the advantages of simple control, high brightness and energy saving, rich combination performance, and long service life. It also has transparent display, intelligent control, etc. It is one of the display devices with the highest definition and the best perspective effect at present. The ice screen can not only enhance the depth of field of the picture, create a more realistic three-dimensional spatial visual effect, but also have a minimal impact on the lighting effect. At the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, 24 mobile robot ice screens danced "8 minutes in Beijing", stunning the world; in the 2018 CCTV "3.15" party, the 380 square "magic" ice screen made the stage more transparent; In the 2019 Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year's Concert, the ring screen composed of three ice screens moved flexibly to create a gorgeous "sky show"... The application of ice screens has added a lot to these stage performances. It has to be said that the LED display as a Display media carrier, in the audio-visual effect is the best!

The market demand has spawned a great influx of enthusiasm for LED displays in the stage art market. With the development momentum of singing all the way, the implementation of national-level projects has opened another door for LED displays. On July 1, 2021, the "Great Journey", a large-scale epic epic show about the centenary of the founding of the Party, used a combination of nearly 10,000 square meters of LED displays, 200 million pixels, and 12 curved main screens with 4k resolution for the first time. The average program is only 3 minutes to 5 minutes, and a major event is only 1 minute on average. To include rich content in such a short period of time, it needs to go beyond the traditional two-dimensional spatial expression, and in the three-dimensional space formed by the large screen, The grand momentum of our party's century-long history has also been perfectly presented. The performance advantages of Wanping's large screen, large viewing angle, high contrast, high color gamut, and high gray scale double the stage presentation effect, and the widely recognized LED display industry is about to usher in its own "great journey"!


Technological iteration helps stage rental screens reach new heights

The LED display successfully occupies the protagonist position in the stage design, which can be linked with the performance content to form a continuously fluctuating emotional flow and enhance the audience's visual experience. With the gradual maturity of the performing arts market, the traditional stage art with a single LED display as the background has been unable to meet the audience's aesthetic needs. The integration of LED screens and emerging technologies has also become the mainstream trend of stage design and presentation. The integration of LED screens and new technologies can better help the realization of "creativity" and make the stage more flaming, explosive and impactful. , the visual experience is more shocking. At the Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert in 2022, the virtual human technology of "resurrection" Teresa Teng can be said to have gained enough attention. After collecting a large amount of influence data in the early stage, the data such as images were input into the computer to reshape Teresa Teng's hair, facial features, Eyes and mouth shapes, etc., are made into virtual people (involving three-dimensional modeling, motion capture, surface mapping, speech synthesis and other technologies), and then the company's unique holographic virtual imaging technology is used to present it on the stage in the concert. The fusion of these technologies "coincides" with the previously popular concept of the metaverse. It can be said that the metaverse where all capitals are entering the game will be a great fusion of display technologies. Divine Ability, it depends on each individual's ability.

Coincidentally, in order to better integrate the Bashu culture into the stage of Sichuan Satellite TV in 2022, xR technology has become the preferred way to meet this visual demand. The design team composed a curved LED screen with an arc length of 14 meters and a height of 6 meters and a ground screen with a length of 12 meters and a depth of 9 meters. Three virtual tracking cameras and 4 close-up cameras were used. The three virtual cameras used electronically controlled robotic arms, redspy optical tracking and tripod gimbal tracking. The xR main control machine and the rendering machine respectively use disguise VX series + disguise rx2 rendering server as the real-time rendering output system of virtual content, which transmits high-bandwidth data through 25G optical fiber. In order to output better picture quality, a full-link 10bit bit For deep real-time rendering output, in order to ensure the coordination of the work of each department, the timecode unified trigger disguise and UE4&NOTCH special effects trigger are used.

AR (Augmented Reality) technology was first applied in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2012. When Sa Dingding sang the song "Everything is Born", the gorgeous scenery that came into view was the AR composite picture, and the artistic conception created was exactly like Alice's Jungle Wonderland scene. So far, AR technology has been on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for 9 consecutive years, from the initial high-level camera AR to the current 4K ultra-high-definition multi-camera AR; the rendering production software has changed from the original traditional graphics rendering to the current "next-generation" production software. , the quality continues to improve. In the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala program, a total of more than 20 AR scenes have been created, and the first attempt to use a telescopic arm to show the AR effect has added spatial changes that cannot be conveyed to the physical stage of the Spring Festival Gala. For example, the AR space design of the martial arts program "Heroes of Heaven and Earth" uses the high-depth scene of the straight waterfall and the large-depth AR scene such as the bamboo forest and the sea of clouds and the Fenglin Great Wall to create a horizontal and long-term vertical space effect of the Spring Festival Gala stage.

The above-mentioned technologies used in stage construction undoubtedly add a lot to the performance, which makes the market favorability of LED rental screens continue to rise. With the gradual control of the epidemic, the recovery and release of the stage rental screen market will no longer be hindered, but the cycle is expected to take longer, and the compound growth rate in the next five years will recover to 7.2%.