2011 Bangkok International Advertising Sign Expo

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【Exhibition Name】The 8th Thailand International Advertising Signs Exhibition

【Exhibition time】October 13-16, 2011

【Venue】Thailand. Bangkok IMPACT International Convention and Exhibition Center

On October 13, 2011, the 8th Thailand International Advertising Signs Exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand.


Carrying P6 full-color LED rental display this time, it is the main product to be promoted at the exhibition. Its unique design features such as transparency, lightness and thinness show a unique artistic charm. It is not only convenient and quick to install and disassemble, but also has a unique welding process optimized structure design, and it has a cost advantage. It is suitable for large-scale landscaping. Exerting the artistic conception of the performance to the extreme, the perfect combination of lifelike images and shocking music creates a magnificent and modern scene; strong color performance and super-large and clear video playback screens give people immersive experience An audio-visual feast of the environment.