Smart Lamppost LED Screen Project in Lagos Airport, Nigeria

Project introduction: Liancheng's Lamppost LED Screen and LED display were unveiled at Lagos Airport, Nigeria. Lianchengfa Lamppost LED Screen adopts "high definition, smart, waterproof" as the design concept, with its unique advantages of high brightness, high stability, high definition, high protection, etc., it perfectly meets the development needs of new infrastructure and the construction of smart Lamppost. The function is rich and user-friendly, the brightness can be automatically adjusted, the front and rear protection level is up to IP65, and it can withstand severe weather such as heavy rain. It can work normally within the temperature range of -40° to 60°, and has the characteristics of fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation performance. Even if it works in a harsh environment with a high temperature above 60°C, it can prevent leakage fires from occurring without interruption.

Product model: P10

Project area: 166 square meters

Project location: Lagos, Nigeria

Project time: July 2019




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