P3.9 Transparent LED Display Features and Application Scenario Analysis!

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In the field of LED transparent screens, different types of products have different application requirements. It's not just a random choice. The most popular models on the market are the transparent LED display P3.9-7.8. The following editors from Liancheng will make a specific analysis around this product:

LED transparent screen P3.91 spacing is actually 3.9mm-7.8mm, that is, the spacing between horizontal lamp beads is 3.9mm, and the vertical lamp bead spacing is 7.8mm. So its pixel density we can calculate (1000÷3.9)×(1000÷7.8)=32873dot/m2.

The greater the pixel density, the clearer the display effect, so the display effect of the P3.9 transparent LED display is very clear. But the clearer it is, the more expensive the screen per unit area is. This is also very understandable: because the more lamp beads per unit area, the lamp beads are one of the main factors affecting the price in the transparent screen.


But clarity and transparent screens are contradictory to some extent. The clearer the screen, the lower the transparent screen, because the density of the lamp beads and the spacing between the light bars become smaller, so the occlusion will increase, and of course the permeability will be lower. At present, the transparency of LED transparent screen P3.9 can reach about 65%. LCF display manufacturers have further improved the transparency by optimizing the structure of the power supply box and light bar without affecting the product stability and playback effect. The current transparency rate is as high as 75%.

The higher-definition LED screen is more suitable for close-up viewing. Therefore, the transparent led screen PP3.9-7.8 is a screen for close viewing. It is usually suitable for a viewing distance of 4 to 20 meters. Therefore, it is more used in the field of indoor window and shopping mall atrium. Because the viewing distance in these fields is close, the playback definition is high. And also need a certain permeability. In general, P3.9-7.8 is the most suitable. Viewed at close range, then the area is generally not very large. Therefore, its application area is mostly within 80 square meters.

Summary: Indoor close-up viewing, the screen area is not large, and there are certain requirements for playback clarity and transparency, then the P3.9-7.8 transparent LED screen is your best choice.

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