Is the Outdoor LED Electronic Display Surface Mounted or Directly Inserted?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-09-14 16:37 Views: 685

LED electronic display full-color surface mount technology has begun to enter the era of outdoor display applications, and the market scale continues to expand. But still many users have questions? Is the outdoor LED electronic display surface mounted or directly inserted? What the difference between them? LCF Group, a LED display manufacturer, makes a simple comparison on this, so that everyone can better understand.

Compared with in-line products, outdoor surface mount LED electronic displays have improved reliability, improved production efficiency, and more importantly, reduced costs. In the past, the high cost was an important factor that surface mount could not replace direct insertion. And at the beginning of research and development, due to the low brightness of the SMD SMD, and the waterproof, moisture-proof, and UV-proof functions cannot meet the requirements of the harsh outdoor environment, the outdoor full-color LED display is the world of direct plug-in, and the surface-mounted full-color screen can only be used. Apply indoors.

With the advancement of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, the brightness and protection level of SMD have been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications, and compared to direct plug-in, it is even better.


Outdoor surface mount has wide viewing angle, good light distribution, good light mixing and high contrast. The outdoor surface mount LED display has a wide viewing angle of more than 120 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the brightness is consistent at any angle, with better color display effect. Moreover, because the design structure is three-in-one, the size of the full-color surface mount is small, so the light-emitting area is small, and the black area is large, which improves the contrast ratio of the LED electronic display. The three chips are very close together, making them ideal for close-up viewing. Compared with the in-line electronic display, the outdoor surface mount electronic display does not need glue, and the product is thinner and easier to install. It is suitable for rental companies, vehicle-mounted screens, and mobile media; column installation or wall installation reduces the pressure of the screen on the steel structure.


Full-color surface mount LED electronic display, large viewing angle, good light distribution and color mixing effect, delicate image, medium brightness, suitable for large-scale automated production. However, the failure rate and decay rate are high, and the adaptability to harsh environments is poor. However, in terms of color reproduction, color consistency, evenness, viewing angle, and overall picture effect, surface stickers are the features and advantages that the in-line display cannot surpass.

In-line LED full-color electronic display, good sealing, high brightness, strong environmental adaptability, suitable for long-distance viewing. However, the viewing angle is slightly smaller, the color uniformity is slightly worse, and the production process is slightly more complicated. At present, the performance of all aspects of the full-color display screen produced by in-line lamps is not a problem for general requirements.

So, is the outdoor LED electronic display surface mounted or directly inserted? When customers choose these two screens, they should comprehensively consider the budget, the requirements of the use environment, etc., and choose the most suitable solution.