What are the Characteristics of the Small-Pitch LED Large-screen Display System?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-08-11 17:58 Views: 474

The small-pitch LED large-screen display system is responsible for the multi-functional and comprehensive application of the command center. The applications mainly include scientific research and teaching in daily work, video security monitoring system, video conference system, integrated multimedia system, integrated control system, visual command system and Digital business construction, etc., to realize the interconnection and interoperability of information on various business platforms. So what are its characteristics? Liancheng sent a small editor to tell you about it.


Features are as follows:

1. Integration: realize centralized control of large-screen display system and peripheral equipment, user-friendly operation interface design, and realize control of any computer in the network through touch screen or touch all-in-one machine, including PPT presentation, remote configuration operation, etc.

2. Subdivision of management rights: The controller supports network sub-control and multi-user operation. Users can operate the large screen with a single mouse or keyboard. The operator can also use the mouse and keyboard of their workstation to control the large screen system through software settings. , carry out various remote operations, and realize interactive remote control.

3. Multi-signal display: realize multi-signal access display, the large-screen control software supports various operations of the signal image window and the processor application window, including window opening/closing, property setting, free movement zoom, overlay, and realization of the window Arbitrary roaming on the video wall, etc.

4. Plan management: It can easily realize the preparation, saving, modification and deletion of scenes and plans, and can realize pre-arrangement of all display screens (set the template for the window size and position of the display signal, and can call the existing display at any time. plan), support to use the "hot key" (shortcut key) to quickly call the plan. It supports the automatic execution function of the plan, which can be triggered according to time or event to realize the automatic display of the screen.

5. Compatibility: realize the interconnection and intercommunication of multiple display systems, which can be interconnected with the large-screen display systems of the fire station monitoring system, the public security bureau monitoring system, and the traffic management bureau monitoring system.