How to Maintain Outdoor LED Transparent Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-27 11:35 Views: 152

In a few days, it will enter July. Some cities in China are still rainy and rainy for half a month, but cities in southern China have been hot for half a month. This is the hot and humid weather in China throughout the year. This is not "good weather" for outdoor LED transparent screens, and it is definitely a big test of the quality of transparent screens. Our transparent LED screen not only needs to take measures to dissipate heat, but also need to take measures to prevent moisture.


Weather is an irresistible natural factor, these are irresistible. How to keep the transparent screen well dissipated in high temperature weather, or make the transparent screen do moisture-proof work in rainy weather, this is the thorny problem faced by outdoor LED transparent screens.

Influence on transparent screen in humid environment

Since the internal devices of the LED transparent screen are humidity-sensitive devices, once moisture enters the components, it may cause oxidation and corrosion of the lamp beads, PCB boards, power supplies, power lines and other components, causing the entire transparent screen bottle body to fail. In the early stage, the module, internal structure and external chassis of the LED screen body must be strictly moisture-proof and waterproof.

Influence of high temperature on transparent screen

At the same time, the internal components of the LED transparent screen are also the electronic components that generate the most heat, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, and switching power supplies. Especially in high temperature weather, the use of poor heat dissipation method will cause the screen material to oxidize, affecting the quality and life. More seriously, if the temperature is too high and the heat cannot be dissipated, the internal components of the transparent screen will be damaged and the screen will fail.

In hot weather or humid weather, do a good job of heat dissipation and moisture proof

In high temperature or humid weather, how do we take measures to dissipate heat or prevent moisture? In fact, LED transparent screens can be solved through exquisite hardware and careful structural design.

It has to be said that reducing power consumption and reducing heat loss is an effective way to improve heat dissipation capacity. In terms of chassis material, high-quality aluminum is selected considering heat dissipation and oxidation resistance. The interior of the chassis adopts a multi-layer space structure to form an overall transparent convection heat dissipation structure, which can make full use of natural air for convection heat dissipation. Also improve the module production process, rationally optimize the box structure, and seal the waterproof design, which can play a good moisture-proof effect.