How Much Do You Know About High-End Video Processing Systems in LED Displays?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-22 13:30 Views: 749

Manufacturers who choose low-end chips can save more than 10% of their manufacturing costs, and there is no guarantee of compatibility and long-term stability: problems such as crashes, lost programs, no display, speed degradation, incomplete data, and irreversibility will inevitably follow. The mid-to-high-end video processing system not only needs an unusual appearance and structural design, but also needs a brand-new powerful processing core and strictly uses high-end chips.

In addition, due to the difference in the brightness of the use environment, the general indoor screen requires that the brightness of the LED screen cannot be as high as the outdoor one. This requires the video processor to have better image quality improvement capabilities, especially more advanced image scaling processing algorithms, so as to ensure that the high-definition video image can maintain the detail clarity and grayscale of the image to a large extent after scaling processing. level. Secondly, there must be rich image adjustment options and adjustment effects, especially the adjustment of image brightness, contrast and low gray processing, so as to ensure the output of soft, clear and well-defined images under the indoor light environment of the screen.

4K signal processing capability: LED display systems without point-to-point display capabilities have been unable to become the current mainstream products. At present, there are many screens with more than 1920*1080 pixels, and the application of 4k specification products in professional audition has entered a stage of rapid development. Insufficient resolution of the input signal will seriously reduce the display clarity of the screen. In order to realize the ultra-high-definition display of the large LED display, the 4K input solution is indispensable, which effectively solves the problem of blurred screen images caused by enlarged splicing.

Real-time signal echo management capability: With the increase of multi-screen applications, users need more convenient and accurate control on signal retrieval and switching. If you want to switch with one key and prevent misoperation, the "signal echo" function can easily solve it for you! The user can use this function to directly select and adjust the window, check the content of the input signal immediately and switch it in linkage. In addition, it can also be used with a gigabit network card to realize mobile visual control, and can perform visual control on any computer through a local area network.