What are the Control Cards of the LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-28 11:27 Views: 718

The LED display control card is the core component of the LED graphic display. It is responsible for receiving the picture display information from the serial port of the computer, placing it in the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control required by the LED display according to the partition drive mode. timing. The effect of the LED display screen is related to it.


1. What are the classifications of LED display control cards?

It can be divided into three types: single-color control card, multi-color control card and full-color control card

2. What should be paid attention to when using the LED display control card?

Different brands of control cards and corresponding installation software are different. The same brand is also divided into different models, the function is very different. The commonly used and simple partial area control card for small-area monochrome screens is cost-effective; while the larger area can use a partition control card, which is more expensive.

3. What are the connection methods of the LED display control card?

The main ways of connecting the control card and the computer are: network port (TCP/IP), serial port (RS232, RS485), U disk conduction, GPRS wireless connection, Zigbee wireless connection and other main methods.

4. How to choose the LED display control card?

First, understand the specifications and dimensions of the LED display screen, calculate the number of points, and know the effect you need, whether it is synchronous or asynchronous, and whether secondary development is required; then, determine the synchronous and asynchronous, determine the effect, determine the range of points, and determine the price range, Finally, determine the card; choose the most suitable control card, not necessarily the most suitable one with high price and good quality. Finally, see if the software is suitable for you and your customers.