Do you know the safety standards of outdoor column LED display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2019-10-17 17:31 Views: 2603

     In addition to ensuring the quality of the screen, there is also a very important place that has to be considered, that is, the column of the LED display. The safety of the column of the outdoor LED display can be investigated mainly from the following three aspects:  

 First, check the base of the LED display column. There are two main forms and arrangements of the base:
  1. One is the balance gravity type, that is, the upper load is mainly balanced by the mass foundation gravity, which is generally concrete base. This kind of basement form is suitable for use in soft soil and open construction site.
  2, the other is pile foundation, which is dominated by reaming piles. This kind of foundation can be selected under the condition of limited construction site. When determine advertising screen basal primary must check the initial drawings, construction materials, and then in a condition to allow only the condition must be to excavation of basement, find out the basal way, buried depth, scale and other conditions are consistent with the drawings, and sampling test was carried out on the LED display basal plug intensity, other field exploration about balanced gravity based advertising screen, Special attention should be paid to whether the foundation soil around the root of the steel column is uplifted and loose, and the concave collapse of the soil surface is formed after the foundation is shaken under the action of wind load. If there is any, it indicates that the anti-overturning of the base can not meet the requirements, and there is a danger of collapse under the action of strong wind at any time, so it must be strengthened immediately.
  Two, check the column material and the quality of the connection with the foundation. First of all, the skewness of the steel column of LED display screen must be measured. The skewness of the steel column must be measured in two directions if the skewness of the steel column cannot be greater than 1000/H. Second is the advertising screen steel pipe column steel quality inspection, steel appearance quality inspection can be divided into uniformity, whether there are interlayers, cracks, non-metallic adulteration and significant segregation and other items. When the quality of steel is in doubt, the safety of structural members should be ensured. * Also check whether there is corrosion phenomenon of steel pipe column and the quality of steel structure protective coating. The quality of steel structure protective coating should be tested according to the current national relevant product standards.
  Outdoor LED display steel tube column and foundation are generally connected by bolts or welding. Bolted connection, in the inspection must check whether there is no missing bolt phenomenon, bolt can not have deformation, sliding loose damage; If there are design drawings, the specifications and models of bolts shall meet the design requirements; Bolts should be well antirust treatment, such as serious corrosion must be replaced immediately, bolt fastening should be firm and reliable; For high strength bolts, the embedding depth of bolts should meet the requirements of the specification.
  Three, the upper steel frame rod system inspection. At present, the connection between steel column and upper steel frame rod system usually adopts the following two forms:
  1, one is T type, the main skeleton is made up of steel column and upper a transverse main beam is T type fixedly connected, LED display is connected with the T type rigid frame structure through the pendants and diagonal supports.
  2, the other is the space truss type, the main skeleton is composed of an independent steel column and the upper several parallel transverse main beam welding, the main beam is connected by horizontal and oblique support, forming a space truss system, the display screen is directly installed on the main skeleton.
  Due to the top-heavy outdoor LED display column, after a period of use, there will be more or less some safety risks, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the main structure of LED display to ensure safety.