Wuhan Tianhe Airport Outdoor LED Display Project

Project introduction: LCF P6 outdoor full-color LED display was displayed in Wuhan Tianhe Airport. In contemporary economic life, outdoor LED large display has been well known, widely used in advertising, traffic information publicity, cultural communication, etc. In large and medium-sized cities all over the world, all kinds of outdoor LED screens fill every corner of the city center, and even become a bright spot in the city center. The outdoor LED display screen of Lianchengfa has an ultra-wide Angle of view of 160 degrees, and the picture is still clearly visible when viewed from different directions, so that the display content of the LED large screen can cover a wider range and reach more audiences. Screen brightness can be adjusted automatically, according to outdoor weather conditions, automatically adjust screen brightness to achieve the best display effect. Ultra high protection, with rain, high temperature, corrosion, lightning and other advantages, protection grade up to IP65. Supports pre - and post-maintenance, facilitating routine maintenance. Can bring the audience a new, shocking visual experience!

Product Model: P6

Screen size: 15 square meters

Project location: Wuhan Tianhe AirportProject 

Time: December 2018





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