Guangxi Nanning Metro P4 indoor LED display project

Project introduction: LCF full-color LED display screen was displayed in Nanning Subway station of Guangxi Province. Travel depends on traffic, transportation is convenient or not related to all aspects of people, so urban development is paying more and more attention to traffic construction, and the "subway" this kind of transportation tool in many cities has taken on the main passenger transport task. Guangxi Metro Line 1 is the first subway line built and operated in Guangxi, completely breaking the history of no subway in Guangxi. The line was fully operational on December 28, 2016, and has been popular since then. It can be described as "crowded" during holidays. In the convenience of people's travel at the same time will be along the several major business circle series together, such as chaoyang business circle, Jinhu business circle, Wanxiang City business circle and so on. On November 22, 2016, Guangxi Metro Group signed cooperation with Lianchengfa on 9 P4 indoor full-color LED electronic screens, which were respectively used to put into guangxi University Station, Chaoyang Square Station and Vientiane Station along Nanning Metro Line 1 in Guangxi. At this time, the metro Line 1 has not yet ushered in the official operation, so to speak, Lianchengfa LED display has witnessed the "new life" of Nanning traffic. Lianchengfa LED DISPLAY P4, which is placed along Line 1, has excellent display effect, excellent product quality and excellent service. Its use of the asynchronous control system, can be in the form of WiFi, mobile phone, U disk and manipulation, truly realize the unattended of outdoor media, automatically broadcast reservation program and function of automatic real-time programming on intelligent system, from the installation technology to the performance of the system, belong to the leading level in the industry, to operate very worry.

Product Model: P4

Project area: 30 square meters

Project location: Nanning, Guangxi

Project Time: December 2016




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